wonderstruck coverRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Arthur Kenzie is trying to find a way to destroy the magical relic that almost demolished Manhattan. His quest has taken him away from Rory, who is in danger now that the Baron and his minions know about Rory’s psychometric abilities. But being separated is hard on both men, especially as Rory is struggling at home. Not only is he still trying to gain control over his abilities, but Mrs. Brodigan is getting married and moving away. She has been Rory’s only family for so long and he feels like he is losing her, not to mention that leaves Rory out of a job.

It soon becomes clear that gaining control over the magical relics isn’t going to be a straightforward process. And it is also clear that keeping Rory safe isn’t going to be easy either. In order to stop the Baron and destroy the artifacts, Rory and Arthur are going to need more help than they can get in New York. Along with Jade and Zhang, the pair head off to England where they hope to get more information and resources, and ultimately to Paris, the site of the world’s fair. It means reconnecting with people from their past, including those they are not sure they can trust. It also means that Rory and Arthur will have to put their lives on the line. But the situation is too dire not to take that chance, and with the fate of the world in the balance, Rory and Arthur will have to trust each other and give all they have to stop the destruction before it is too late.

Wonderstruck is the third book in Allie Therin’s fabulous Magic in Manhattan trilogy. The books read as one long story and so you should start at the beginning of this wonderful historical paranormal series. This final book is full of romance, adventure, and excitement, tying things up nicely both with the larger series arc, as well as for Rory and Arthur.

From the suspense end, things have heated up and they are facing danger from all direction. The Baron has numerous paranormals under his command and even with Rory’s vast power, they are still up against a huge hurdle. All the pieces come together from across the series to lead to the final battle. It is intense and exciting and so well done. Therin brings together the paranormal and suspense elements so wonderfully, but also threads them with Rory and Arthur’s connection in a way that makes the tension rocket all the higher. Rory and Arthur’s abilities and strengths are so inextricably tied to one another and I loved how their bond really fits into the resolution of the story. I’ll admit there are a few times where I found myself a bit lost remembering all the characters and details that have played out over the three books (reading these stories closer together would have helped me), but I just loved how this all comes together. It is a great, suspense-filled resolution that ties the story up nicely, but leaves some openings if Therin ever revisits this world.

For me, as exciting as these stories are, the real heart of the series is Arthur and Rory’s relationship and Therin does a great job tying things up for them as well. One of the recurring themes here has been both men’s desire to take care of the other, even at the expense of themselves. That also overlays with Rory’s concerns about the wealth/class differences between them. Despite Arthur’s assurance that he wants nothing more than to take care of Rory, Rory has continued to struggle with not just giving up his independence, but also feeling a burden to Arthur. Here things come to a head as Rory finds himself in pretty dire straits and the men finally are able to hear each other and work though the situation. They both want to take care of each other so badly, but they also have to trust the other to take care of them. This theme plays out so nicely over the course of the story in many ways and it really solidifies the bond these men have. I found myself a bit swoony with the declarations between Rory and Arthur and the way they have been so solid as a couple. Therin is a master at really making me feel the intensity and the passion between them, even through the closed door scenes. I just love how things all come together for Rory and Arthur and I just adore the two of them.

So this was a wonderful end to a really great series. Therin balances a taut and exciting paranormal thriller with a really emotional romance. This final book brings the story to a great close and I have so enjoyed these stories.