reunion audio coverStory Rating: 4.25 stars
Audio Rating: 4.25 stars

Narrator: Darcy Stark
Length: 10 hours, 40 minutes

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I am continuing to really enjoy revisiting Eden Winter’s Diversion series in audio. Winters just wrapped up the ebook side of series with Benediction, so Bo and Lucky’s journey is complete, but I still have a few books to go in audio format. As I have said many times, I am a big fan of this series and just adore Bo and Lucky and the way their relationship develops over the course of the books.

For those new to the story, this is a high suspense series about narcotics agents working to stop drug trafficking, particularly prescription drugs. The previous book ended a three-story arc that focused on a really intense case that took a lot out of both men. So this sixth book is a bit of departure, in that the main focus is on Lucky reconnecting with his family. We have known all along that Lucky’s family stopped speaking to him years ago, and he never knew why. He assumed they didn’t want to be a part of his life after going to jail, but here we learn what really happened when Lucky ends up back in their lives due to his father’s health issues. This story is so rewarding because we know that behind Lucky’s tough front, he has been really hurting missing his family, particularly his sister, Charlotte. So this story gives us a chance to connect with them all and bring the family together. And of course, because it is Bo and Lucky, they still stumble into a drug investigation, but it isn’t at the forefront the way it is in other books. If you want to check out my full review of this one from when I read the ebook, you can read it here.

I really like Darcy Stark as the narrator for this series and he has very much become the voice of Bo and Lucky for me. This story is a particular challenge in that we meet a whole lot of Lucklighters. Stark gets the balance right in making these folks sound like family, with similar tones and accents, but not making everyone sound indistinguishable. It is a careful line to walk and I think Stark does it well. He also handles the women’s voices nicely. This is the first time Charlotte appears on page and it was so much fun to hear her voice and listen to her interact with Lucky. I also really like how Stark gives such range in southern accents, picking up the regional differences, along with different ways of speaking. So often, we get “generic southern” in audio, and here there is great variety and differentiation.

So I am happy that despite finishing the series in ebook form, I still have a few more audiobooks left. It is always fun to visit again with Lucky and Bo. If you are looking for a great romantic suspense, definitely check this one out.