Today I am so pleased to welcome Catherine Lundoff to Joyfully Jay. Catherine has come to talk to us about her latest release, Blood Moon. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


Catherine has written some questions and answers to share today. 

What was your first published work? Tell me a little about it.

My first published short story was not just my first published story, it was the first one I ever wrote. “M. Le Maupin” was a historical lesbian romance and it appeared in a magazine called Lesbian Short Fiction edited by longtime activist and writer Jinx Beers. The cover of the magazine was illustrated by acclaimed fantasy artist Alicia Austin (Jinx’s partner at the time) and her drawing was based on my story, which was just a whole nother layer of being squeeworthy. I was in a happy new author dream for days afterwards. The story itself is a fictionalized snippet of a tale based on what is known of the life of cross-dressing, sword-wielding bisexual star of the Paris Opera, Julie d’Aubigny. I wrote her as lesbian at the time (1996) but would make different choices today. I keep meaning to return and write some different stories about her. One of these days…


How long on average does it take you to write a book? 

Cue hysterical giggling. Well, that depends on what else is going on. I started writing my first novel, Silver Moon, back in 2010 or so. It was published in 2012 by my publisher at the time and things went kind of sideways for a while. I started a new novel under my pseudonym in 2013, and then in 2017 after sundry and miscellaneous events and getting pulled into other projects, I started Queen of Swords Press. I released an updated version of Silver Moon in 2017, then finished and published my second novel, Medusa’s Touch (written as Emily L. Byrne), in 2018. My third novel, Blood Moon, is out this year and I think I started writing it back in 2013. In my defense, I also edited or co-edited three anthologies, wrote some fifty or so short stories and started a fourth novel between 2010 and 2021.


How long have you been writing?

I didn’t start writing fiction until 1996 when I wrote “M. Le Maupin.” Prior to that, I had written some articles for small newspapers and an essay or two and school reports (and a thesis), but that was about it. I started writing fiction when I was in law school for a brief spell; I discovered that misery made me telekinetic so after breaking many dishes with my mind, I sat down, wrote this story, sold it and quit law school the day after I got my acceptance (there was about two months between writing it and it getting accepted).


What is the most heartfelt thing a reader has said to you?

A few years back, a young transperson told me that they had found my novel, Silver Moon, in a Little Free Library and it had been their coming out novel. I was completely verklempt and certainly not something I had considered when I wrote the book. The experience was very moving and it made me want to include a trans character in the second book so that maybe more of my readers who had to “write themselves into the story” in the first book could see themselves a little more easily in the second one. Hopefully, I succeeded in that!


How did you choose the topic for this book?

It chose me? I got the idea for menopausal werewolves when I was asked to write for an anthology of lesbian werewolf novellas. A lot of female werewolf stories take off from first menses or thereabouts, so I thought that if one could become a werewolf at one stage of life, why not another? Plus, descriptions of menopause and lycanthropy are not that dissimilar: mood swings, unexpected hair growth, longer teeth (from receding gums). From there, I went on to build a town where middle-aged women are called to become werewolf protectors of their valley. Blood Moon definitely arises out of Silver Moon in that it picks up where the first book leaves off in the character’s lives and stories. I wanted to write more about my main couple, Becca and Erin, so I alternated chapters this time around and readers get to see Erin’s perspective on what’s going on as well as Becca’s.


What are some day jobs that you have held? If any of them impacted your writing, share an example. 

I have led a checkered and full life. My previous jobs have included: busing tables at the bar with the largest Elvis memorabilia collection outside Memphis, professional archeologist, child model, research assistant, various IT roles, bookstore owner, writer and now, publisher. I have written a story about Elvis impersonators and one or two about archeologists. I have also set a couple of stories in bookstores. I haven’t done anything in IT yet, but I’m sure it will happen.


Thank you so much for hosting me!


blood moon coverThe Return of the Menopausal Werewolves.

The Wolf’s Point werewolf pack, born from the magic that calls small groups of middle-aged women to embrace their inner and outer wolves, has been protecting the town for generations.

Now Becca Thornton and the Pack have their hands (and paws) full of all the trouble they can handle. Plus a bit extra. Pack member Erin Adams just found a dead body in the trunk of her car and confessed to murder. But no one’s sure who the victim is and Erin can’t remember what happened. Did Erin fall off the wagon and murder a former foe? She doesn’t trust herself and Becca’s beginning to have her doubts.

If that wasn’t enough, Becca’s ex-husband sold their old house and their new neighbors are clearly up to something. Can the Pack solve the mystery and clear Erin’s name before the next full moon? Or do the town’s new residents have other plans?


Catherine Lundoff is an award-winning writer, editor and publisher based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her short stories and articles have appeared in numerous venues from Fireside Magazine to Sherlock Holmes and the Occult Detectives. Her books include the Wolves of Wolf’s Point series: Silver Moon and Blood Moon, Unfinished Business: Tales of the Dark Fantastic, Out of This World: Queer Speculative Fiction Stories, A Day at the Inn, A Night at the Palace and Other Stories, Crave and Night’s Kiss. She is also the editor of the anthologies Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space) and Haunted Hearths and Sapphic Shades: Lesbian Ghost Stories and co-editor (with JoSelle Vanderhooft) of Hellebore and Rue: Tales of Queer Women and Magic.

In addition, she writes erotica and erotic romance as Emily L. Byrne, including the novel Medusa’s Touch and the short story collections Desire and Knife’s Edge. She is also the publisher at Queen of Swords Press, a genre fiction publisher specializing in fiction from out of this world and she teaches writing and editing workshops at the Rambo Academy, Broad Universe and other venues.


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