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An Interview with the Character Jansen Branwyth

So, Jansen Branwyth, you are a hotel guru?

Oh, good grief. That’s what Ryan calls me. No. Not true. Well – not completely. I do buy these historic places and convert them into hotels, inns, beds and breakfasts, things like that.


Like an old logging camp?

Well, that place didn’t work out. But yes.


I understand you have a replica of the Joffrey Twyn. The ghost ship of Lake Superior

Oh yes. A very expensive replica. Ended up being a little bit of a problem. Long story.


What do you think happened to the real ship?

Who knows? It just disappeared. On its maiden voyage, no less. Thirty-one people just gone. They say it probably encountered a rogue wave, mainly because there was no communication, no distress signal.


But the weather reports indicated there was no wind or even a cloud in the sky. How could there be this sudden wave big enough to sink a freighter?

(Shakes head slowly) That is the mystery. There was some footage a couple years back of some… anomaly, I guess. An image floating out on the water. It was even picked up by the local news station. I wondered if it was the Joffrey. It hoovered out there for a while, then – just disappeared.


I remember that. It happened right before Halloween.

A couple of people looking at the fall colors in the UP caught the thing on video. Very strange. Honestly, I don’t think it looked exactly like a ship, but it was obviously large, whatever it was. Not to mention, by all accounts, the Joffrey would have passed by that area right around the time it disappeared.


The people taking the video said that as the sun set, they glanced away for a moment. And when they looked back, it was gone.

With no trace and has never been seen again. Incredibly odd. Just like the real thing. Just google Ghost Ship of Lake Superior. That video pops right up.


But no mention of the Joffrey. In fact, the man shooting the video says that even he didn’t think it looked like a ship. What makes you think it was the Joffrey?

No real reason other than where the anomaly was spotted.


And now you have a ship that sails those waters.

Well, not quite that far east but yes, my Superior Jewel sails some of the same waters. Four hours in and around some of the uninhabited Apostle Islands. Great scenery, food and occasionally?(chuckles)?odd noises coming from upstairs.


Odd noises?

Let’s just say that Ryan and I – um – enjoy sailing every chance we get. (smiles)


superior jewel coverRyan was shocked when he saw the man who had rescued him from a psychotic co-worker three months ago, a man Ryan had been having very sexy dreams about ever since, standing on the same yacht as he was. Learning the man’s name was Jansen should have rang a few bells but Ryan was never one to keep up with the rich and powerful.

Now this big sexy man seemed to be in hot pursuit, relentlessly and expertly, backing the confused Ryan against a hard wall. Deliciously turned on by the man’s erotically suggestive flirting, Ryan finds himself now in competition with his former girlfriend, vying for Jansen’s attention.

As the heat ramps up, so does Ryan’s self-doubt, forcing Jansen into making it perfectly clear who he intends on taking with him off the boat, even if he has to chase down, subdue and throw that certain someone over his shoulder to do it.

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Hi, my name is Hurri Cosmo and I am a happy ending junkie. I always have been. You can be pretty rest assured everything I write will have one. I am not big on angst. I believe we get enough of that in real life so when I go to read something, to make the real world go away for awhile, I will most likely not chose something that will make me cry. So I write for those people who, at least occasionally, feel the same way. I’m okay with the fact I will probably never write anything “important” but I guess I will have to see where my imagination takes me. I would love it if you would come along.


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