Story Rating: 4.5 stars
Audio Rating: 4.25 stars

Narrator: Guy Locke
Length: 11 hours, 17 minutes

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As Vice President of the United States, anyone would say that Embry Moore is a successful man. He’s also had a successful military career as an Army captain and he has a tightly connected family. Yet Embry doesn’t think there is anything special about him at all. With all of Embry successes, the only place he ever wanted to be was beside Maxen Ashley Colchester, and while Embry is Ash’s VP, they can never truly be together. Ash wanted Embry for all time, he made that clear, but Embry was convinced to see the bigger picture and sacrificed his love for Ash so Ash could succeed.

Ash has never been able to fully let go of Embry, even now that he is married to Greer. When the three of them are together, their world makes sense and while Ash may be the king, Embry and Greer are his prince and princess. The world can’t know that the three of them are together and keeping up public appearances is everything. But everyone wants something from them and the political machine is ready to take them down. All Embry has ever known is duty and sacrifice, all so Ash can continue to be his king, and while Embry wants nothing more than to get on his knees for Ash, he may have to rise up as he knows men like himself don’t deserve to be truly happy.

The New Camelot series is my latest addiction. American Prince follows American Queen and the books are intended to be read in order. Everything is a potential spoiler for this series and the less you know, the better the experience will be.

This book is told mostly from Embry’s POV, with some chapters from Greer. Embry was the most mysterious in the first book and his story is gone into in depth here. The book has a then and now feel, or a before and after feel as it picks up where the cliffhanger involving Greer left off from the first book.

The book is smartly written with a twisty, dramatic story that extends from the highly erotic relationship between Ash, Embry, and Greer. We learned all about Ash and Embry in the present and now we get their past. We learn how they met and their unbelievably deep emotional connection. There was a lot unanswered in the first book since we hadn’t gotten their story yet and that story is one of deep, unending love set against a backdrop of war and intrigue with enough heartbreak, lies, and betrayal to bring them both to their knees.

There are a lot of players to be found in this book and Abilene, Morgan, and Merlin all have their parts to play as they attempt to control and manipulate Ash, Embry, and Greer. The series has references to King Arthur and the men refer to each other as Patroclus and Achilles and these are important notes as the series progresses to the inevitable explosive finale. The only thing keeping this book from the highest rating is the lack of presidential protocol seen throughout the series and especially this book. The president, vice president, and first lady are all entirely too easy to get to and the lack of tight secret service was too glaringly absent.

This book was completely, unbelievably riveting. Greer does add to the relationship, but it was the early scenes and layering of the dazzling love story between Ash and Embry that makes this series sing. Like any good drama, this book ended with truth bombs being detonated and the fallout will continue to shatter their world throughout the final book.

This book was narrated once again by Stephanie Rose, with Guy Locke joining the series. Locke mostly is the voice for both Embry and Ash, as so much of the book is from Embry’s POV. I do like Rose’s narration better here, even at times for the voices of Ash and Embry. At first, Locke sounded a little too congested for my tastes and Ash and Embry do not have as commanding of a presence as their character dictates. It then did take me some time to settle into Locke’s narration. Also, Rose and Locke narrate the voice of Merlin with a completely different accent and more coordination there would have been beneficial. Yet, this series is incredible to listen to on audio and the dramatic tension is exquisite due to the intense plotline. For a highly erotic, dramatic, and tension-filled production, the New Camelot series in audio can become your next addiction.