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Length: Novel


Nix can’t quite get over the one night stand he had with Kyle at the Christmas party. Kyle is always stand-offish and brusque, but when it was the two of them — and a few drinks — Kyle was hot, sexy, and unlike Nix’s other occasional flings. He was more than willing to cuddle and let Nix enjoy the afterglow. But Kyle won’t even look at him, now, no matter how much Nix tries. In Kyle’s words, Nix is “hot, an okay lay, but dumb as a doornail.” He’s quick to brush over Nix’s puppy dog eyes with a curt “I don’t do stupid for more than one night,” and break Nix’s heart.

In order to prove to the man he lusts after that he’s not stupid, Nix signs up for #PictaBook, an online book reviewing site that he saw Kyle looking at. The only problem is that Nix isn’t a big reader. He’s dyslexic, and if it weren’t for auto-correct and spell check, he’d have a hard time proving himself to employers. Fortunately, Nix is an excellent carpenter. He also has the good fortune to find Julian Rose.

Julian works at the library in the children’s section, but the books he reads are more … adult oriented. When a random stranger comments on his reviews and asks for help picking out a book, Julian can’t say no. It’s what a librarian does, helping people find the right book for them. More than finding Nix a book, Julian helps Nix find a way to read anything and everything in the form of audio books. Suddenly, Nix can sit back and enjoy the short story Julian selects for him in an hour, rather than the week or more it would have taken him. It isn’t long before he’s asking Julian for more books.

#PictaBook is an uncomplicated, straightforward story between two people who don’t happen to see themselves the way everyone else does. Nix thinks he’s stupid because he’s been told he is by teachers, friends, the guys he takes home, and Kyle. Julian, betrayed by an ex boyfriend who left him homeless and deep in debt, has given up on people altogether, afraid of being seen as a victim or an easy mark. But Nix sees the open, loving side of Julian and Julian sees the compassion and soft heart Nix hides behind his playboy smile, and together the two of them find each other.

This is a fluffy book about two people falling in love over books. The writing is simple. You won’t have to guess what a character is thinking or feeling, and there are no complicated plot twists. And … it’s cute. It’s one of those books that reads as if it’s an extended novella with all the focus on the two characters falling in love, and if you’re in the mood for a sweet, wholesome romance with books, a snarky cat companion, and two cinnamon roll characters, then you might enjoy this book.

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