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Jack Miller is a rookie cop and new to the town of Grenton. He was involved in a relationship with two friends and when they got engaged, Jack felt like a third wheel and broke it off. Feeling sorry for himself, Jack talks about his heartbreak to his superior, Bryan Keene, and finds that he likes talking to Keene. Keene is a little older than Jack and has a lot more experience in many things. He’s a former Marine and also volunteers with local fire department, and Jack suspects Keene is attracted to him, but also firmly in the closet.

Keene doesn’t think he can have a career and a relationship. He knows what he wants, but he can’t let himself be honest about who he is. He feels he has nothing to offer a man and has no idea why youthful, beautiful Jack would be interested in him. But the chemistry between the men is real and so are the feelings and they get each other on a lot of levels.

The men have one hot and memorable night together, but they know they can’t continue seeing each other. However, that is easier said than done. The men both have past trauma they are dealing with and they know they can be stronger together. Jack wants to take their relationship public and while Keene isn’t ready, with them both having dangerous jobs and knowing life can change in an instant, Keene has to decide where his future lies.

Whisper follows Breathe in the Grenton PD series and, for the most part, this book can stand alone. Simon, from Breathe, is present here and there are spoilers here for his story, but Jack and Keene’s story stands on its own.

Jack was in an educational Masters program and had no plans to become a policeman. He’s new to the force and looking to make a real difference. He has past trauma that he is only now starting to process and feels a little lost tackling a new job in a new town. Keene has PTSD from the military that is in the background for his character and the book has a steady somber feel to it.

Keene has self esteem issues in his personal life and is shocked Jack is interested in him for a night, let alone for more than that. This series offers a quiet look at intimate power dynamics as Keene and Jack feel their way around D/s in the bedroom, while processing past trauma for Jack and self esteem issues for Keene.

The police work also fits into the story well as their jobs are a natural extension of their lives, although they have no idea how to work together and have a relationship. There is a case they are working on that ties into the book, but this case wasn’t all that exciting and was the weakest part of the story for me.

The characters here are compelling as they try to find a way to be policeman and live and love in a small town and I would certainly visit again if there are more stories to tell.

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