escort audio coverStory Rating: 4 stars
Audio Rating: 4 stars

Narrator: Danny Dawes
Length: 4 hours, 50 minutes

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I really enjoyed Escort by Harper Fox when I first read the book, so I was happy to revisit the story when it came out in audio. The book is told in three parts, but reads as one long story that follows the relationship between George Fenchurch and Aaron Silver. It begins with a weary George, turning 50 and fairly beaten down by life, having a night with Silver, a sex worker hired by George’s brother as a birthday gift. The story follows as the men have an incredible night that touches both of them and leads to them pursuing a personal connection after the business side of things ends.

I find often when I re-read a story, or listen to a book I have already read, that different things stand out for me the second go around. In this case, I really appreciated the way that Silver being a sex worker is handled. It is always matter of fact and just part of who he is. George not only accepts it, he has no shame about it (nor does Silver). I also really love that this story features two older heroes, something so rare in romance novels. These are men who have had a lot of life under their belts, but who also have so much more to discover about themselves and who they can be. I particularly love how the gorgeous, worldly Silver is so head over heels for George, despite the man not being as stereotypically attractive. I also just love both George and Silver. There is an inherent goodness in both of them, George in particular, and a sense of always looking out for others. It makes it so rewarding when they ultimately find happiness together.

As with my first reading, my biggest issue here is the speed with which the guys fall for one another. They spend a night together and a few hours here and there before they are declaring their love. Things just move forward with them without a lot of time to see the romance develop, which feels at odds with the pace of the rest of the book.

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I enjoyed Danny Dawes’ narration of this one. His voices for George and Silver felt right for their characters and really fit well. This book only has about seven speaking characters, so there is not a large cast here. I found there was enough differentiation among the side characters to make things work. Melchior (George’s ex) speaks with a tone that feels very much in line with his personality and I liked the everyman quality of George’s brother, Drew. My only real issue is that while George and Silver have distinct voices, at times in conversation Dawes loses that distinction and it becomes a little difficult to tell who is speaking. But overall, I found this one enjoyable in audio and I really was happy to experience this story again in this format.