Today I am so pleased to welcome JS Harker to Joyfully Jay. JS has come to share an exclusive cover reveal for her latest release, A Midsummer Night’s Party. She has also brought along an exclusive excerpt. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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midsummer night's party



“Welcome to my celebration,” Killian said. “What did you bring in offering?”

“Um,” Cooper stammered.

Mildewed wreaths, Eohan should have warned Cooper about needing a present. Without one, Killian could claim Cooper’s company as a gift and only the gods would know what happened to the hapless mortal. And fuck, Eohan hadn’t brought a second gift.

“I’ve got something,” Cooper suddenly declared. “In my bag. Uh, I kind of need my hand so I can get it out.”

Eohan released Cooper, and immediately Cooper took the blue pack off his back and swung it to the ground. As he dug through his bag, Eohan tried to peek over his shoulder and glimpse the treasures inside. The last time Eohan had traveled the human world, few knew anything concrete about his kind. They were already fading into myths and legends. But Cooper claimed to have met one, to know something.

Strange and stranger.

Cooper took out a bag of marshmallows and held them up proudly. “I can offer this.”

A cloud of pixies squealed and broke formation from the surrounding circle. They snatched the bag out of Cooper’s hand and carried their bounty off into the party. Their tiny fighting voices sounded like bells and whistles, eventually disappearing under the noise of the music.

Cooper froze and his confused uh-oh expression was darling. Eohan wanted to kiss him and snap him out of his silliness.

Stranger yet—an age had passed since Eohan wanted to touch anyone.

Killian laughed, and the gathered fairies laughed with him. Wyatt overcompensated, tossing his head back as he joined in. Showoff.

With a wave of his hand, Killian motioned for silence. “Don’t fret! Occupying those little shits is a favor worthy enough to be called an offering.” He tilted his head toward Cooper, a sign that he’d accepted the gift. “Enjoy yourself.”

“Thanks.” Cooper slid his pack onto his shoulders and stood. He lifted his instrument case as well.

Killian turned his attention to Eohan. The merriment in his eyes held a hint of hunger and malice. “And you, cousin? What have you brought?”

It seemed to Eohan that the circle of fairies leaned in as one, waiting for an answer. Wyatt bit his bottom lip, and his eyes practically sparkled with want as he looked at Cooper. Technically, Cooper hadn’t been declared a guest. His gift could be considered compensation for trespassing. Killian and the others were certainly hoping Eohan would hand Cooper over to them.

But Cooper seemed so innocent. Though mortals lied, Eohan couldn’t imagine tossing Cooper to the hidden dangers of the celebration. Some fairies still ate humans when they had the chance. Without protection, Cooper was a dead man.

And the world never deserved to lose beauty.

“I made something for you.” Eohan slipped his hand into his leather bag. Killian and the others made quick faces of disapproval, but the group settled into complacency. Eohan took out a wooden flute and threw it to Killian.

Killian caught it and looked it over before handing it to Wyatt. “Simple, but no doubt Wyatt will play it well.”

Ah, how to insult a fairy without insulting directly. As Killian showered more favor on Wyatt by stroking his hair and grinning at him, Eohan did his best to force a smile. He hadn’t spent long on the flute because Killian was bound to toss away his present. And he certainly didn’t want Killian’s affections.

But Wyatt preened.

What was it like, to feel special to someone?


Recent college-grad Cooper plans to spend his last weekend of freedom camping in his grandparents’ forest. His father has a long-term plan for him: law school, wife, kids. Cooper dreams of a different life, and he’s hoping to find the courage to pursue his passion and tell his family his truth.

Mortals broke fairy Eohan’s heart and spirit ages ago, and the ripples of pain and depression still plague him. However, his attendance at the Summer party is mandatory. He figures he’ll make an appearance and then slip out. Summer fairies party enthusiastically, so he’s sure no one will miss him.

When Cooper spots Eohan at the edge of the party, Eohan’s plans for a quick getaway are wrecked. Though he tries to warn the mortal man away, Cooper begins to win him over. But dangers lurk in the party’s glitter, and a fairy lord wants Cooper for himself. Eohan might not be strong enough to stop him, and Cooper discovers secrets that could ruin their fun. Can Eohan trust his heart, especially when Cooper turns out to be more than he seems?


JS Harker loves stories. She was one of those kids who constantly had a book in her hands and spent countless hours adventuring with her siblings. These days she wanders into her imaginary worlds and conjures up tales of magic, passion, and happily-ever-afters. She currently lives in the part of the Midwest that makes Tatooine look interesting by comparison (no that she’s ever obsessively thought about becoming a Jedi or anything)


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