Today I am so pleased to welcome Sam Burns and W.M. Fawkes to Joyfully Jay. Sam and Waverly have come to talk to us about their latest release, Black Moon. They have also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving them a big welcome!

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Claudia smacked me on the back as she came up to stand on my other side, opposite her husband. “Skye’s fine, Linden. Just worried about you, like everyone.”

Birch snorted. “Well, not everyone.”

She groaned. “Oh, for—don’t remind me.”

“Is there something I should know?” I looked between the two of them, and when they continued to look pained and put upon, turned to Zeke. “Anyone?”

“It’s that jackass Skip,” Zeke answered as he took off his jacket and tossed it aside, twisting his neck to each side to pop it before grabbing the shovel up again.

“Skip . . . Chadwick? Wanda’s son?” Wanda Chadwick had been running the only local diner since I was a kid, and most of what I knew about her son, Skip, was that she found him eternally disappointing. He’d been one of those guys like my brother Aspen—fucking Aspen—who’d been a big man in high school. Good at sports and good looking. Then he’d left high school, but he hadn’t really, still clinging to past glory because he was afraid to try and fail at something new.

My little brother, Rowan, was about his age, and also drifting a bit. I always thought it had something to do with the Condition. So many of the werewolves under twenty-five seemed lost, like they were eternally looking for someone who wasn’t there. Or as in Rowan’s case—sweet, nurturing beta that he was—like he was trying to be someone who wasn’t there.

Zeke didn’t seem to have that optimistic a view on Skip. “Poor Wanda,” he muttered as he dug into the pile of dirt. “Such a little turd for a son.”

Ouch. Okay, well, Zeke had always been a lot like my father. Harder on the younger generations than they maybe warranted.

“No kidding,” Claudia agreed. “Dunno how such a hardworking, sweet lady got saddled with that prick.”

Huh. Well, Claudia was the ranking pack omega since she’d married Birch, but she was no jellyfish. She always had strong opinions, and she could be as sharp as a knife when she was in the mood to be. I’d always suspected that was why the omegas picked her; she was stubborn as hell and not afraid to speak up.

“Beats me, but the little asshole actually thinks he’s going to be the next pack alpha. Fat damn chance,” Claudia’s husband, Birch, said as he stepped up beside me, the four of us digging in to finish burying my father.

Silence fell over us, and it gave me a moment to think. Birch . . . was nothing like Claudia or Zeke. There was not an ounce of curmudgeon in him. He was a calm, kind, patient elementary school teacher. He was the alpha I thought all alphas should aspire to be. I’d never heard him curse before, let alone call someone a name.

Skip seemed like he’d be a little young to become pack alpha, but my father had been in his early twenties when he’d taken the job. It was possible to take the responsibility that young and do well with it.

But if Birch didn’t think it likely, it probably wasn’t.


black moon coverWolf Moon Rising, Book 1

An apple a day won’t keep this doctor away.

Linden Grove has always known that he’s not destined to be the next pack alpha. That position belonged to his brother Aspen—but then Aspen left the pack to join the military. When the unthinkable happens and the pack is left rudderless, someone has to step up and take care of it. Can a doctor go from “do no harm” to defending his own with his teeth and claws?

Colt Doherty is used to a certain kind of life. Glittering, picturesque, and . . . empty. As the youngest child of the country’s only werewolf senator, Colt has grown up in the spotlight, and he’s all too used to knot-headed alphas taking credit for the work of others, especially omegas like himself. When his editor sends him to write a story on the Grove pack, though, he finds something completely unexpected: Linden Grove in his unpolished perfection, as shiny and unexpectedly sweet as the apples his pack are known for.

A Grove pack omega has been kidnapped, and someone has to step up. The pack needs Linden to fill his father’s shoes, but no wolf can stand on his own. To save the day, sheltered Colt has to drop the politics and become the action hero he never thought an omega could be.

Black Moon is an 90k word standalone novel featuring one fiery journalist, one doctor with an obsession for hand knit sweaters, and the sweetest apple pies on the whole eastern seaboard, all bundled up in a non-mpreg A/B/O universe.


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Sam is an author of LGBTQIA+ fiction, mostly light-hearted fantasy romances. Most of her books include a little violence, a fair amount of swearing, and maybe a sex scene or two. Or four.

She is a full-time writer who lives in the Midwest with her husband and cat. Someday, she plans to be a full-time writer who lives near the ocean with her husband, cat.

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