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I wanted someone to see me. All of me. And when they did, I wanted them to tell me that I was okay.

“Is this all right?” Spencer dipped his voice low in a way I hadn’t heard before. His index finger ran along the bridge of my nose. I tried to follow it, going cross-eyed in the process, drawing out another cute tee-hee-hee from him.

From Spencer.

My friend.

My best friend.

My best friend whose fingers felt so good tracing the ridges of my face. Who I could joke around with, banter with like it was the easiest thing in the world, sing terribly at, dance even worse at, and share my latest gourmet food creations with.

That Spencer.

That Spencer whose blue eyes had fallen dark as the night ocean. Whose gaze on me was making my heart beat faster—and louder—than the 60 Minutes stopwatch.

I struggled to find words. “Uh-huh,” I managed to breathe back.

I was confused, as if I’d woken up from a vivid dream and was still half in dreamland and half in reality. Unsure of what was real and what wasn’t. But this was real, wasn’t it? This was happening.

His fingertips lightly traced my bottom lip.

Yep, that answered that question. This was definitely not a dream. The silence between us whistled in my ears. I looked at his lips again. I’d never really seen them this close up before and for this long. A fire had been lit in me.

Was this stupid? I didn’t want to do anything that would change things between us. Our friendship was the one thing in the world I’d fight to the death for.

“Are you okay?” I needed to know what was going on behind his soulful eyes, but asking the question left me feeling exposed. Vulnerable in a way I hadn’t expected. I didn’t know why. It was a pretty simple three-word question.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it meant that my mind was awake. Alert. It was here, processing this. I couldn’t fall back on the it felt like a surreal dream excuse to justify or walk any of this back when the light of day finally shone down on what we were doing.

What was happening here between us was as real as the sand beneath me and the stars above me. I would never be able to deny that or excuse it away.


My name on his pretty pink lips created a ripple of desire that traveled across my skin. His eyes went glossy. I felt warm flesh on the back of my neck. It was his hand. It was pulling me toward him.

He closed his eyes. I closed mine, too.

And then…


getaway coverEver woken up and realized you’re in love with your childhood best friend?

I’ve got three big problems.

One, I’m in love with my childhood best friend.
Two, he hates any kind of change with a capital H.
Three, he thinks I’m straight.

To be honest, up until recently, I thought I was straight, too. But something’s shifting in me. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I can feel it. We tell each other everything, so I want to tell Cassius this.

I figure a tropical weekend getaway is the perfect time to do it. I mean, what could possibly happen that would change our lives forever?

GETAWAY is a best friends-to-lovers/gay-for-you rom-com style MM romance.

It features two childhood best friends, a luxury (clothing optional) resort, beach bonfire kisses, newly invented dance moves, dubious dietary claims, and some creatively named cocktails. You can expect more than a few gasps, giggles, and OMG moments on the way to a satisfying happily ever after that will make you feel like you’ve just returned from the best vacation ever. (Suntan lotion and beach towels sold separately.)

GETAWAY is the first book in the super sweet, light and fluffy ESCAPE series. There are no cliffhangers (ew) and no cheating, either (double ew).

You can read the books in whatever order your heart desires!


  • April 2 – Getaway
  • May 12 – Runaway
  • June 22 – Faraway

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casey cox bio photoCasey Cox is devoted to delighting readers with sassy, sweet and sometimes steamy MM gay romance tales of gorgeous, good-hearted and complex men chasing that thing we all love: a guaranteed HEA.

Casey’s writing has an escapist, wanderlust quality to it because, let’s face it, these days there are plenty of reasons to run from reality.

Casey lives on the east coast of Australia, loves the beach and is a proud paw-parent to two utterly adorable French Bulldogs named Ralphie and Lilly.

Connect with Casey:


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