Today I am so pleased to welcome Debbie McQueen to Joyfully Jay. Debbie has come to talk to us about her latest release, Talons of Love. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Note: May contain spoilers for Books 1 & 2

Egan and I got out of our clothes and quickly into the water. It was freezing, but refreshing. Egan swam out to the waterfall and stood under it, letting the water flow over his head and pushing his hands through his hair.

I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was beautiful. I could hear the playful shouts from the others, but he stole my entire awareness. The water came midway up his chest as he stood there, an absolute vision in the sun’s gleam on the water. He opened his eyes and caught me staring at him. I felt a wave of desire and interest rush through me, heating me in the icy water. He must have felt what I had when I was watching him. He had the smallest quirk to his lips as we stared at each other.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I dove under, kicking as hard and as fast as I could through the water that bit at my skin and popped up right in front of him.

“Hi.” I said, with a smile, as I was inches from him, getting splashed from the water that danced off of him.

Egan smiled wide. “Hi, yourself.” He placed his arms over my shoulders. “Your skin is ice cold. Come here, I can warm you up.” Egan whispered those last words in my ear, a shudder rolled through me that had nothing to do with the water. I wrapped my arms around his back, and felt him push his heat out and into me. A pocket of warmth in the middle of the cool pool. I couldn’t hold off a second more and kissed him hard underneath the water, letting it flow as a curtain over both of us. The combination of heat and cold, of fire and water, it was an exhilarating mixture of sensations. Egan tightened his hold around my neck, drawing me in closer. It felt as if we were in a world of our own. I no longer heard the shouts or splashes of the others, it was only Egan and the water.

I pulled back long enough to catch my breath. “Do you think you could find this place again? I didn’t even know it existed. But, here with you, like this…I’d love to come back with you, alone.”

Egan studied the tree line and the sky and his lips tugged up. “Yeah, I could find it again.”


talons of love coverDragon King Series, Book 3

Two hearts bound together, suddenly torn apart.

When Egan disappears, Prince Raiden will stop at nothing to find him. With his closest friends and an unexpected acquaintance, he leaves the Sixth Realm behind to track down the man he loves. What he sees along the way will stay with him forever.

Egan finds himself face to face with the man who has haunted his dreams since he was a child, only now he brings new nightmares. Egan’s not the only one suffering at the monster’s hand; there are others- others like him. He vows to do whatever he can to stop the monster and protect those around him.

Egan holds on to the hope that the love and connection he has with Raiden will reunite them once again.


Debbie McQueen has been married to her loving and supportive husband for eighteen years. They have two amazing kids that share her love of musicals, singing, fairies, dragons, and superheroes. Debbie is an avid reader and loves to read YA/NA, PNR, Urban Fantasy, Thrillers, LGBTQ stories, and more.

Debbie is an affirming Christian who is proud to continue learning and serving as an LGBTQ+ ally and advocate. She has learned more about God’s love through the beauty of a diverse creation and strives to support her friends and loved ones, as well as the broader LGBTQ+ community. She proudly gives out Free Hugs at Pride events, and also works with a service organization that helps support LGBTQ youth in Southern California.

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To celebrate the release of Talons Of Love, Debbie is giving away some awesome prizes:

  • Signed Paperbacks of the Dragon King Series: Of Heart and Wings, Bound in Fire, Talons of Love + e-copy of Breaking the Chains (US Winner)
  • $30 Amazon Voucher + e-copy of Breaking the Chains (International Winner)

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