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Length: Novel


Working at an urgent care may not have the excitement of working in an ER, but for Nick Davros, it serves as a chance to help people and to pay down some of his medical loans. And thanks to the construction crew working at the site next door, the walk-in clinic is seeing more than its fair share of patients.

A case of pneumonia and a gruesome on-the-job injury have brought construction boss, John Taylor, to the urgent care not once, but twice. Which isn’t great news, except that it also brings him into the orbit of Nick Davros. John finds the doctor attractive enough, but they seem doomed to miss their opportunity until a tragedy brings them together once more.

3rd Time’s a Charm is a well paced and engaging story about two men in the earliest stages of their relationship. One of the reasons I enjoyed this book is the way it went about introducing the characters. This is not a traditional romance. Rather, we get three glimpses of these men as they begin their courtship.

We don’t know a lot about Nick and John, but we have enough of their backstories to make them seem more than simply stock characters. They feel relatable and there’s an honesty between them that I appreciated. Now there is no full romance here, just the hint of one, so we never get the full picture. There is a final chapter that served as an epilogue, but it didn’t read as necessary. The story would have been sufficient without it.

The third meeting between Nick and John is tense and and an action packed series of moments that, while not completely realistic, was well written and strongly paced. I appreciated that despite the situation there were no declarations of love or anything wacky. Instead, we’re given two men working together under impossible circumstances and finally moving past their communication issues to have a honest conversation.

3rd Time’s a Charm was a swift moving story that maintains a consistent pace and, while it veers from the traditional love story, it had a natural and satisfying conclusion. It allows readers a chance to see the beginnings of a relationship and gives the characters a chance to evolve in a meaningful and relatable way. If you’re looking for a strong read with a pair of intriguing characters, then I think you’ll enjoy 3rd Time’s a Charm.

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