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Peyton Young’s last girlfriend broke up with him because he was “boring” and Peyton is starting to think she might have been right. He’s just settled into a new city with his best friend and business partner, Noah, and is looking to shake things up. Peyton feels as though it’s the perfect time to finally explore his attraction to men, something he’s always felt, but has never really given much thought. Out at a bar, he catches the eye of a very attractive man. Jett is confident and flirty, and Peyton is entranced enough that a hook up in the alley seems like the best idea. After which Peyton accidentally finds out that Jett just might be Noah’s long lost brother.

Jett is doing his best to move on from his past life, but he wants to reconnect with his brother. After being kicked out as a teen, Jett’s life spiraled in bad ways. But now with therapy and medication, he has control of his ADHD and he’s making a good life for himself. He doesn’t want anything to do with his parents, but he’s trying hard to make Noah see that he’s not who he used to be and wants a relationship with him. Which is why, when he finds out who Peyton is to his brother, Jett knows he should walk away from anything remotely sexual.

But the chemistry between them is hard to ignore, and a second hook up solidifies that. Peyton doesn’t want to lie to Noah, and Jett wants to keep seeing Peyton. They agree to tell Noah, even though it outs Peyton, and with Noah’s tacit approval, they continue hooking up. But the more they spend time together, the deeper their connection gets. Both men want more, not sure what the other wants. When things go sideways, Jett pulls away. Now it’s up to Peyton to show Jett he’s there for him, and that together, they can have their happily ever after.

This is the final installment of the His Best Friend’s Brother series and they are all tangentially connected. The books could be read as standalones, but there’s something extra having read all the stories, as the characters from each make cameos throughout the other books. We first meet Peyton in Shared Secrets, as he’s Russell’s brother. And we get to see a glimpse of all the couples from the series here to see them settled in their HEAs.

Peyton has decided it’s time to explore his sexuality, as he’s at a bit of a crossroads. He’s finally settled into his career and opening an architecture firm with his best friend. He’s living in a new city, having moved across the state. Peyton feels like now is the time to really find out if his attraction to men is more solid than just a passing thought. And it’s clear from the moment he sees Jett that he wants more. I thought the author handled Peyton’s confusion, questioning, and exploration well and really made it believable. I also liked the dichotomy of this character, as he was both shy and awkward, but could find his confidence in the right circumstance. He was well developed and well fleshed out.

But my heart really went out to Jett. He’s had a hard life, and some of it was his own doing. But he’s made great strides, put in the work, and really turned his life into a positive thing. Jett definitely still has anxiety about things, and the way his insecurities play on his mind felt real and believable. But he too, has a strong and confident side. I liked the way the author showed his vulnerable side, and I loved, in particular, how Peyton’s support made Jett feel. After everything he’s been through, he deserves it. But he also appreciates it and accepts it when it’s offered. Most of Jett’s growth comes before the story begins, but we see clearly how far he’s come. I really enjoyed him.

The chemistry between the characters sparks and sizzles from first meeting, and only gets stronger with each interaction. But there’s more than just sex between them, and it shows with every passing scene. These guys are so right for each other. The author does a great job of showing that, and it’s so well done that I was on board with them from the very start. Their love definitely felt organic and real.

The only problem with this story was the pacing. Throughout the first three quarters of this book, everything was fine. Jett and Peyton were navigating the complications surrounding their burgeoning relationship, and the things going on in their lives. But then things moved to a breakneck speed. The MCs went from hooking up and enjoying each other to being in love, and while that wasn’t a stretch by any means, the fact that they were ready to commit to forever was. And just as suddenly, the story was over. I would have liked to see more of them together after they got to the point that they were in love. The epilogue fast forwards two years, and while I liked seeing them in the future, I felt like a lot was missed and was just told to the reader, especially with how they were with each other. The incongruous pacing worked against the story for me to the point that I was slightly disappointed with the ending.

Despite the ending, I liked this story. In particular, I liked the MCs, the journey they were on, and the way they worked together. As for the final installment in the series, it was nice to see the other couples, even if it was only in small snippets. These books are mostly low angst and full of love and Falling for Trouble is no exception. If you’re looking for light, easy reads about men falling in love, check out this series.

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