Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella


Callum is about to fail out of his first year of university, mostly because he rarely attends classes and spends most of his time drinking beer with his frat mates. He’s not looking forward to returning home where his father is an overbearing, verbally abusive lout and his mum is rather kind, but beat down from her husband’s domineering ways. Callum’s barely moved back home when he learns that he’ll be a farm hand to an old navy buddy of his father. This seems like a terrible situation, until Callum meets Dean, who is a burly silver fox and is definitely more than a little attractive.

Dean lives out on the farm he inherited years ago. It’s a quiet and solitary life, so he’s willing to give Callum a bit of tending, like he would any wayward, randy beast. Their attraction is immediate, but it’s not until Callum’s smart mouth gets him knocked back a bit that he’ll submit with so much pleasure to all the filthy suggestions Dean has for him.

His Farm Hand is an age-gap, Daddy/boy romance novella, and it moves rather quickly once we meet both Dean and Callum. They are working together for about a week before things get physical. Once we get their romance established, the summer zips forward. I liked how Dean is a decent man with a lot of curiosity. He’s willing to be patient with Callum, but he will not allow this beat-down young man to continue to wallow in the emotional hole his father creates. He feeds Callum’s self-esteem, building him up into a more secure and productive man. So much so that Callum is inspired to make up the work he didn’t do all school year, so he’s able to return for a sophomore season. This means separating from Dean, the Daddy of his heart. Dean won’t hold his beautiful, talented Callum back, but Callum is a boy who won’t forget his sexy Daddy, no matter the distance between uni and the idyllic farm.

While there is a bit of separation, it’s resolved rather quickly. Expect some disturbing parental issues, obviously. It was so sweet how Dean and his Daddy-level experience helped Callum develop into a strong and determined man. This is a low angst romance, and both Callum and Dean grow into partners as that sexy summer wears on. Recommend for readers who enjoy age gap, Daddy/boy, and quick reads.

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