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Steel Crawford and Nick Maclin have been in a committed Daddy/boy relationship for about a year and a half. Nick runs a bakery and Steel is an attorney, but Steel is also silent partner for a gay-friendly bar that has become the new hangout for Steel and his fellow Daddy friends. Nick is a big and lusty boy, and Steel has had a time both gaining his trust and assuring him that he can be the Daddy Nick truly needs. In their time together, they have developed a strong and loving relationship, but they also have a new kink they are trying to explore: age play, where Nick can experience being a “little.” They have a nursery for at-home play, and Nick has explored baby-style fetish wear, which is helping him develop the headspace that he’s seeking. Unfortunately, however, Nick can’t quite reach the full little experience on their own.

Meanwhile, Addison Mark is a newly divorced “middle,” a man who explores his little kink in the persona of a child of maybe 4 or 5. He feels pretty unlovable because his husband cheated on him with the party planner who’d planned his 30th birthday. His shallow husband figured Addison was too old for him at that point, and decided to call it quits. Addison is a photographer barely making ends meet, and he’s all but given up on the hope that another man might find him attractive. While out late returning from a job, Addison gets jumped by some goons, and is only barely saved from a bad beating by Nick, though they don’t really connect in that moment.

It isn’t long before Nick and Steel attend a “littles” night at their kink club, and this is where they properly meet Addison—whom Nick excitedly recognizes. Their play is fun and inspired, for the first time, with Addison in his middle persona guiding Nick along. Their chemistry is so strong that Nick begs for a private playdate, and both Addison and Steel agree. It’s seeming to get better and better, but there is an unexpected sexual tension, and it’s about to change all three men and their plans.

Little is the fifth, and final, book of the 99 Daddies series. It can be read as a standalone, but is likely best enjoyed after reading Big, the second book, which features Nick and Steel starting their relationship. This was a really nice catch up to Nick and Steel’s story, which had such a late resolution that it had felt hurried.

Addison is so unsettled by his unexpected attraction to both Nick and Steel, and expects that Steel will have no interest in him personally. It’s a distressing time, especially when Addison tries to pull away. Steel’s fear that he won’t be a good Daddy to either Nick or Addison adds a nice contrast because it shows how deeply he takes his responsibility. Nick trusts Steel so much, though, that he’s able to both reassure him, and build the bridge that Addison needs in order to feel safe again.

This book has kink to spare, with two playful boys for Steel to manage who enjoy ganging up on him in pleasure. I love the body image storylines here, and how body positive that Nick has always been—and how this translates to Addison, helping him to find himself attractive again. I loved how deeply that this issue was explored. The little/middle experience is very well described and developed, which was pretty new for me as a reader, so I enjoyed how positively it was framed.

These books are all meant to be sweet and light, and it tickled me to watch Nick make such a strong connection with Addison, who is Australian, because he is definitely an Aussie-phile. As this couple becomes a triad, the angst stays rather low. All the boys and Daddies from previous stories make appearances, counseling Nick and Steel in turn, while letting readers know their happy endings continue long into the future. If you’re into Daddy/boy or age-play stories, this is a book you might enjoy.

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