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After way too many crushes that ended up falling apart, Jesse has decided his senior year is going to be all about no strings sex. And if his heart gives an occasional pang at seeing two of his roommates having fallen for their true loves, well, that is just how it goes. Jesse is just going to hook up and have fun. Or at least try to, considering so far he hasn’t mustered much interest in anyone.

When Jesse accidentally learns his hot, new, football-playing roommate, Sam, is also the guy making the super sexy, online jerk off videos Jesse loves, it shakes things up for him. Sure, Jesse has always thought Sam is hot. But knowing the guy of some of his sexy fantasies is also his sweet, friendly roommate gives Jesse all kinds of feelings. And when Sam asks Jesse for some help filming his videos, Jesse can’t resist the chance for a front row seat to Sam’s performances.

As the guys spend more time experimenting with Sam’s videos, they can’t help but take things further and further, and soon Jesse isn’t just watching, but joining in as well. Things are combustable between them, even as Sam has never really considered himself anything other than straight. But it is clear that there is a connection there that just keeps getting hotter. Soon, it becomes more than just sex, as feelings get involved as well. But as things get more serious, Jesse and Sam must decide if they are ready to take their on camera affair and turn it into something more real.

Show Me is the third book in Neve Wilder’s Extracurricular Activities series and I just loved it. These books are low angst and incredibly sexy, full of steam and chemistry that just burns up the pages, and this story is no exception. There is a connection between Sam and Jesse right from the start, even as Jesse is just watching. Wilder manages to show such intensity in these scenes that it is clear how much chemistry the guys have, even before they touch one another. Sam is uploading videos to porn sites, as well as making money through Only Fans, and one of his kinks is risking getting caught. So the guys end up in all kinds of locations, sneaking around and filming in risky spots, something that amps up both of them. There is really no other way to say it other than this book is super sexy.

What I really love about this series is that while they are all very high heat, Wilder also explores some nice new adult issues as these guys start to figure themselves out. In Jesse’s case, it is realizing that he wants more than just hookups and that even though he has been burned before, he still wants that relationship. For Sam, it is recognizing that he isn’t as straight as he assumed and exploring his feelings with Jesse. This is a low-angst book, and while both men are coming to some realizations about themselves, it is not really met with any fear or anxiety. Instead, there is a nice new adult feel as the guys sort of discover themselves over the course of the book.

I also like the camaraderie among the group of friends and roommates. We have met Jesse in earlier books as one of the housemates, and he was also Nate’s roommate their freshman year. While this story between Sam and Jesse stands alone from a plot standpoint, Nate and Eric, and Mark and Chet appear here, as do other series regulars, like Cam. So I think having read the other books will give you a richer experience here (and also if this story sounds even vaguely appealing to you, you SO need to be reading Want Me).

This story (and this series) is a lot of hot, sexy fun. I really enjoy these books when I am looking for low angst, high steam, and a nice dose of sweetness.

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