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Length: Novel


Frank Hope had a rough childhood in this alternate 1980s. His father died and his mother needs constant care due to mental illness. Frank thought things were looking up when he found out he was a necromancer and was hired by DemonCo. When he realized exactly what was going on at the corporation that kills demons for fuel, Frank left in a blaze of glory with his soulmate, Kasimir, who also happens to be a demon, or an Eternal as Kasimir prefers to be called. Frank and Kasimir are being pursued with a vengeance by DemonCo employees, demons, and demon hunters and they have nowhere to turn.

Frank is determined to protect Kasimir and rescue his mother, while building a relationship with Kasimir at the same time. It’s all too much for him and he’s sure he doesn’t deserve anything good after the mistakes he has made. Kasimir is far from home and only feels safe with Frank in a world that would use him for fuel. As long as Kasimir has Frank close by, he’s certain their future will be bright, but he has underestimated those that seek him harm.

The Love Songs for Lost Worlds series is a three-book continuing story. With Good Intentions picks up where Know Thy Demons left off and the books are intended to be read in order. When Frank learned he was a necromancer, he didn’t do much research on the company that hired him. He needed the paycheck and he needed the health care for his mother. He’s horrified when his eyes are finally opened to everything he took for granted about the way his world works and what fuels it.

The book is action filled as Frank and Kasimir are on the run with Kasimir’s best friend, a pooka, and a few other characters along the way. They’re not even sure where they can go to be safe; another realm is a possibility if they can get there, and Frank and Kasimir are running from danger coming from many places throughout the entire book. It’s hardly the best way to build a relationship, but Kasimir fell in love with Frank as a young boy through a looking glass, and Kasimir is certain his future is with Frank. They just have to make sure they have that future.

While there is a lot of movement in the book, I didn’t feel that much was happening for most of the time except that Frank and Kasimir are on the run and looking for people to help them, while trying to keep great harm coming to both of them. They’re young and they’re trying to build a relationship in the midst of impossible life-altering and life-threatening circumstances, but there was some element missing for me. They encounter many people along the way and it became too large of a focus and worked against the story for me.

There is relationship angst as Frank and Kasimir are all of a sudden with each other all of the time. Kasimir has been waiting to meet Frank his entire life, but Frank only recently became aware of Kasimir and it’s all a lot for Frank to process. The book also deals with themes of genocide and slavery that adds a significant weight to their story and this world.

The ending offers hope for Frank and Kasimir, although their future is anything but certain. While not every element of this book worked for me, I am looking forward to seeing how everything plays out for them in the final book.

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