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The option to sneak out the front door is the only one that appeals to me. I’ve embarrassed myself enough for one day, and I’m not interested in giving the universe yet another opportunity to screw me over.

Especially when, to repay my total social ineptitude, Leon of course is a complete prince.

I reread the note again, my smile morphing to insane levels.

How can one man be so dreamy?

Aaaand completely wrong for me.

I hurry to down the water and the drugs, then finish getting dressed. Flashes from last night are slowly coming back to me, and I distinctly remember having my face in someone’s neck. Was it Leon’s? All I can recall is how badly I wanted to lick it.

But he said nothing happened.

Given that my morning breath only tastes like morning breath, I’m inclined to believe him.


For the first time since I woke, I’m actually disappointed.

There are no pens for me to write a return thanks note, so I’ll have to leave it at that. As much as I want to see him, I’m no glutton for punishment, and I’m not going to force my company on him any longer.

Nope, the smart thing to do now is to run home with my tail between my legs.

I finish dressing, grab my phone, and check to make sure I haven’t left anything behind before sneaking out onto the landing.

The house seems quiet, and I can only hope Leon is still passed out in one of the other rooms. A loose board creaks under my weight, and I tense to see if anyone appears, but Leon stays true to his note. He’s going to let me out of here without having to face him. I could kiss him, I’m so grateful. If, well, that wouldn’t require me to actually see him again.

Which it would, so I won’t.

I pick up my pace and reach the stairs. My ears strain for any movement as I hurry to flee the house and get back to Portland to hide away, probably forever at this point. Leon seeing me drunk and having to look after me like some dumb child is the very last thing I can stand.

No, this is for the best.

For me to gather my final shreds of dignity—what’s left, anyway—and never step foot back in Sunbury again.

I need to leave. Fast.


The stair disappears out from under my foot, my stomach flips, and then I’m falling. My knee hits a stair, then shoulder, ass, hip …

Shoulder …

Ass …


I slam into the ground at the bottom and can do little more than let out a pathetic moan.


Ah, shit fucks.

Heavy footsteps come pounding down the hall, and I automatically slam my eyes closed, figuring if I can’t avoid the situation, I can at least avoid seeing Leon’s expression.

“Shit, are you okay?”

He drops down beside me, and then soft hands are cradling my head. He lightly taps my cheek.


“I’m fine. I’m alive,” I force myself to say, since he’s not going to let me die in peace. “I’m just once again humiliated in your presence, so that’s how my day is going.”

His chuckle sends warmth through my gut. “At this point, I don’t know how I’d recognize you without a bright red face.”

I crack an eye open. “Any chance you can go back out there and we can pretend like this never happened?”

“Yeah, no.” His smile tugs at his beard as he helps me sit up. “How do you feel?”


“Where? Here?” His fingers slide through my hair, and I barely stop myself from leaning into his touch.

“Other than the hangover, nope.”

“Here?” Leon’s touch dips to my neck, and the feel of his calloused fingers running over the skin makes me shiver.

“Nope. It’s my pride that’s bruised.”

“I’m surprised you still have any of that left.”

At least he appears to be teasing, which is a step up from him calling me an idiot and kicking me out of his house. “I landed on my ass.” I pretend to pout. “Kiss it better?”

Leon laughs, and it’s a sound I’d pay to hear again. For someone who looks so scary at first glance, he’s not living up to my impression of him. “You’re going to have to put a pin in that flirting if this is going to work.”

I narrow my eyes. “What is?”

“Come on, I’ll feed you. We can talk over breakfast.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t. I already have plans to go and die of mortification.”

“I’m sure you’ll manage to reschedule that.”


getting friendly coverA Never Just Friends Novel, Book 3

When I’m looking for a hook up, I want three things:
Big, thick, and rough.
So it doesn’t make sense that I can’t get my new hire out of my head.
He’s a tiny guy with big ideas … and he’s my apprentice which means he’s completely off limits.
But he’s already under my skin.
And for the first time with any guy, I don’t think I can hold my own against him.
Physically, yes. Emotionally, no.
Auggie makes me weak.

Growing up, I always wanted to go into the family business and follow in Dad’s footsteps.
Until in my senior year of high school when he told me to find a new dream.
No one would let a small, clumsy guy like me on a construction site.
And after trying and failing for years, I was starting to believe him.
Then LJ Constructions calls me for an interview and when I meet Leon, he becomes my new dream.
He’s hot as hell, self made, and instead of putting me down, he sees what I’ve always seen in myself.
But I’m not dumb enough to throw away this one chance at my dream job, not even for him.
Not even if I really, really want to.


saxon james bio imageSaxon James is an author from Australia who’s obsessed with writing queer characters. She has a range of books from YA to adult and they all have one thing in common: swoony, sweet love.

When not writing, Saxon exists on a diet of coffee and chocolate while putting her KU subscription to the test.


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