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After dinner, they strolled back to Colton’s car, then they drove back to Colton’s house where they sat for a moment, parked in Colton’s driveway.

“You still want to come in?” Colton said.

“Yes.” Riley spoke a little quickly. “Of course I do.” No matter what Colton thought about their date, it was nice for Riley. Even in spite of seeing Tyson Underwood at the restaurant and Colton’s worry at the lakeside park. He was still happy spending time with Colton, even with all his contradictory actions and insecurities.

Once inside, Colton tended to Hunter. The little Yorkie ran to Riley, which brought a smile to his face as he pet the dog until it scampered off when Colton mentioned snacks. Alone again, Riley moved around the room like it was his first time here. He was nervous for some reason. He stood around, looking at the pictures bought at big-box stores. Moody images of flowers and the black and white photographs of cloister walls. The kind of art bought just to have something to hang. These were punctuated by a couple photographs laid out in smaller frames on built-in bookshelves of Colton with his family.

When Colton emerged from the kitchen, Riley stopped and stared at him. It was like he didn’t know where to put his hands, like he’d been caught looking at deeply personal things. Colton stared back.

Then everything he’d held back at the restaurant and at the park broke through. Riley’s resistance shattered. Before he could stop himself, he crossed the room and kissed Colton hard on the lips.

Colton made a surprised sound, a cross between a grunt and laughter, but it didn’t take him long to meld his body into Riley’s, his hand on Riley’s back and pulling him close.

“Couch again?” Colton said with a breathless smile, his forehead pressed against Riley’s.

“Let’s just go straight to the bedroom.” Riley was already backing up with Colton’s hand locked in his, pulling him along.


stupid love coverFive Foxes Romance, Book 1

Face to face with an old grudge.

Riley Chase escaped the drama of Five Foxes High School when he went away to pursue his dreams of Broadway. After returning home to help a friend in need, now the only drama Riley can handle comes from his students on stage. But to keep drama club funds, Riley is forced to work with his old nemesis—the guy he’s hated since senior year.

Colton Effing Landry.

That old grudge is also smoking hot…

Since his senior year a decade ago, Colton has tried to make amends for his past mistakes—lying for a homophobic bully first and foremost. He never thought he’d be back at the school with so many bad memories. Still, he needs the job. But Colton’s first day as Five Foxes High’s new girls’ JV coach hits him with bad news. Two of his athletic teams are on the chopping block due to budget cuts.

And that’s where he finds Riley Chase.

Riley Chase, the guy he had a crush on back during high school. The same Riley Chase whose last words to him during their senior year were I hate you.

Not the way to kick of a new job.

A stormy past could lead to a nightmare of a fall semester.

Now they have to work together to raise the money to save their programs. It’s either that or let their kids down.

Can Riley really trust the guy who betrayed him all those years ago? And can Colton prove to Riley he’s not the same dumb kid he was back in high school?

Can hate really turn to love?

Stupid Love is a gay romance novel with some sensual heat, a touch of angst, and a tear-jerking HEA with no cliffhangers.


sj carter avatarS.J. Carter writes usually steamy, often heart-tugging, sometimes tear-jerking gay romance novels with characters who are head over heels for one another, and sometimes they fight against the odds for their happy ending. After obtaining a master’s degree in writing, S.J. broke from the traditional publishing wheel to write the stories of the heart.

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