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Kicks has found his place with the Broken Chains motorcycle club. While he is determined not to let himself be vulnerable again after a brutal attack left him scarred and missing an eye, Kicks considers the Chains his brothers and knows this is where he is supposed to be. But the club is facing some turmoil after old threats resurfaced and it’s a turbulent time. So Kicks isn’t thrilled to be sent on a babysitting job to protect Eliah’s brother, Jude, but he is also not going turn down the responsibility.

Jude Burns has been at a crossroads for a while. His job as a rabbi is no longer fulfilling him as it once was, but he isn’t sure what is next for him. When his brother calls to tell Jude that he witnessed a murder and both their lives are in danger, Jude has no choice but to follow the stranger sent to protect him. Jude and Kicks find an attraction right away, but their lives are turned upside down by an attack that almost leaves them dead.

In the aftermath, Jude needs to figure out what he wants from his life. Part of him could see himself settling in with the club as his brother has done. But Jude is also not sure that is the right path, particularly when he doesn’t know what it all means for him and Kicks. The feelings are continuing to grow between the men, however, and if they let themselves be vulnerable and take a chance, they may find happiness together.

Broken Wings is the third book in E.M. Lindsey’s Broken Chains MC series and gives us some overlap with book two, Backfire. The end of that story shows us the events of the attack from Eliah and Smokey’s points of view, and we see pieces of Jude and Kicks’ story there. So here we get to see more detail about when the men first meet, as well as the aftermath of the attack. The books tell different pieces of the same story, and I think having read Backfire will definitely make this story a richer reading experience. The series also continues the overarching threat of the attacks on the Broken Chains, so again, being familiar with other books is not essential, but would be helpful.

I am really loving this series. As I have said before, I think a motorcycle club series is very suited to Lindsey’s strong character development and they really bring these complicated men to life. There is so much to uncover here about both Jude and Kicks and I enjoyed slowly learning all their different layers. Jude, in particular, is at a crossroads. He was re-evaluating what he wanted from his life even before the threat came his way, but now his life is in upheaval and he has room to really think about what he wants. The two men are both wary about opening up and not sure they want to risk being vulnerable. But once they let themselves go, they find a real connection with one another that I enjoyed.

This story has a bit of a “middle book” feel in that we get the action from the last book addressed at the start, and then the epilogue leads to some more drama, but most of the rest of the story doesn’t advance much with the larger series plot. Most of the story is focused on the guys getting to know one another, with bits of motorcycle club business thrown in. So I did miss having a little more of the action here, particularly after the first two books had so much intensity.

We do get a hint of what is to come in the next story here, as well as teasers for some of the other upcoming characters, and I am really excited to see where it all goes. I am enjoying this series a lot and find these characters really fascinating, so I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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