Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella


Merlin is a mysterious man. His mission has always been to get Ash where he needs to be and keep him there. It’s a job and a life that required his full focus and that didn’t leave time for anything—even Nimue.

Merlin has been in love with Nimue for more years than anyone would ever believe. They are soulmates and when Merlin found her in this life, the need to be together was too great for Nimue to fully handle. So, when time was up, Merlin left and Nimue remains angry. Merlin and Nimue don’t just have one past to reconcile, they have two, which includes twice the amount of pain. It’s been years since Merlin and Nimue have been together in this life and the hurt is still as raw as it was in another place in another time. Merlin is ready to surrender everything to Nimue—again—but maybe this time there will be a chance to keep something for themselves.

There are two general things to know with Cards of Love: The Moon. First, it was released as part of a multi-author series that was inspired by the world of tarot, but the books don’t connect other than that. Secondly, this book is also part of the New Camelot series and connects heavily to those first three books. The relationship is said to stand on its own and I can only agree with that a little bit. You will find the most enjoyment out of this if you have read the series or of you are a true Camelot fan and want to read a retelling of sorts because Merlin is that Merlin and Nimue is that Nimue.

This book is a minefield of spoilers anywhere you look and so I will be intentionally brief. This book gives a deeper look into Merlin and the life he has lived and all that he remembers. He is the only one that remembers it all and his thoughts torment him. “Can you imagine? Having memories of your death from the time you were born?” Nimue is all he has wanted in this life and the one that came before. They are true soulmates with it feeling like the only reason Merlin was created was to be with Nimue and their bond is excruciatingly deep. Merlin does have a larger purpose and a dedication and a duty to Ash, but his true focus always wants to be Nimue despite their past and despite Merlin knowing he will pay the ultimate price. “Sometimes I just stare at her and think how? How can she be so lovely and perfect? How can I love her more than I love myself? When she is my doom?”

This book is the culmination of their story in a highly charged and erotic scene that starts at the first page and continues on through the last. Nimue wants to give and take from Merlin with equal ferocity and Merlin will give everything to Nimue no matter the cost. With a touch of magic and an old legend of a story with a contemporary spin, Merlin and Nimue will create a beautiful, awful tale of love, lust, deception, and an unexpected second chance.