Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel


Benito Martell’s life is not what he wants it to be. He’s trying to get out of the gangster lifestyle, but that’s not something you can decide to move on from whenever you want. He has a younger sister that he looks out for, but Benito’s relationship with his mother was damaged years ago and Benito has little contact with her. A one-night hook up with Mickey gets Benito out of his head and gives him the sweet relief he craves and he longs for another taste of the man that fills his dreams.

Mickey Larwood has a job he cares about and he’s worked hard for this new life after running from his past one. He can’t get caught up in that life again, not even for Benito, who is working his way into Mickey’s heart. Mickey has the chance to save Benito’s family from eviction, but he can’t help Benito when Benito can’t be honest with him. Mickey knows that Benito is the worst kind of trouble, but Benito has become his latest addiction. Benito needs to find a way out of his life, but nobody gets to walk away from gang life without violence trying to stop them.

If you are craving the type of raw, emotional, and sensual book that Garrett Leigh creates, you will get that from Deliverance. Leigh creates a story for Mickey and Benito that makes you go all in for the bad guy. Mickey and Benito both know they are not good guys, but they are trying to be better and to do better.

As a recovering addict and former gang member, Mickey is a few steps ahead of Benito on the road to redemption and he is living a life helping others. Every day is hard as his addiction is always lingering and always ready to strike and Mickey tries to keep the fire in his veins down by hookups at a sex club. It’s there he meets Benito and from their first meeting, the air around them crackles and sparks.

Neither man is looking for a relationship and they don’t expect to see each other again after their one night together, but when they are with one another, all the outside noise and pressure in their lives quiets down and they get each other. The men have both lived hard lives, but Mickey cares for Benito in ways no one has cared for him before and Benito soothes a part of Mickey that he thought was untouchable.

There is so much pressure on Benito as he wants out of the gang life, but he needs to put himself in danger to do that. He has family issues with his mother and he’s trying to help take care of his younger sister and that’s where Benito and Mickey’s lives unexpectedly intersect. With foreshadowing to move the story forward, Micky and Benito have to learn to mesh the heat that’s easy between the two of them with the deep need and craving they have to simply be near the other, with real life looking to keep them apart. They don’t know how to build a relationship, as they don’t know what a healthy one looks like, and they think they function better with chaos around them, but there is no way they can stay apart.

Deliverance is listed as a standalone story, but Benito appeared in the first book in this series, Redemption, and his story connects back to that book with well-placed cameos of former MCs as well. For a book to stand alone, I would not expect it to have such a deep attachment to a previous book and while Mickey and Benito’s relationship does stand alone, Benito’s overall story does not.

Mickey and Benito are two guys with rough edges and it is great reading to see how they challenge each other in the bedroom. This is another great book and series from Leigh with men who have always embraced the darkness looking for a ray of light.