Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella


It’s Clancy Maxwell’s birthday and, as a present, his friend sets him up with a date. Who turns out to be a complete jerk. Maxie might be an omega, but he’s no pushover, and the alpha posturing and entitlement really gets him angry. When another alpha steps in to bounce the jerk out of the club, Maxie’s attention is caught by the new alpha.

Mason Klein might have the night off, but he can’t resist stepping in when he sees a conflict brewing. The spitfire redheaded omega pushes all his buttons, and the two hit it off. Maxie brings Mason back to his place so they can have a mutually satisfying one night stand. But when Maxie wakes up, Mason is gone, and he doesn’t understand why he’s heartbroken by that.

Both men are pining, but each thinks the other doesn’t want to continue. Mason can’t get Maxie out of his head, and feels as though Maxie is so far out of his league, there’s no reason to try. Maxie, for his part, feels as though if Mason wanted him, the alpha would reach out. Maxie makes a decision to remember he’s worth it and get his confidence back. With some machinations from friends, Maxie and Mason are forced to confront each other and their growing feelings.

This novella is heavy on the heat and low on the world building. It’s a quick read, and definitely has some appeal. The first few chapters are all about the instant attraction between Maxie and Mason, and how their kinks and desires are compatible in every way. These guys make a great pair, and the heat between them is off the charts. The author does a great job of showing us how well these guys work sexually, and really makes it believable and hot. So I was all in as the story began.

But then it’s the next day or two (time is unclear) and these guys are absolutely pining for each other. I mean, like desperation and despair sort of pining. And while that, in and of itself, isn’t a problem, I felt like I was missing something huge. Without world building, I had no idea if this was a fated mates sort of situation, or just two guys who have fallen instantly for each other. Since this is a non-shifter omegaverse story (I think) it could go either way. On top of that, with the time jump and the pining, both MCs are speaking with friends and seem to know quite a bit about each other. As I was reading this information being relayed, I couldn’t help be confused as to when they shared this info with each other. It was heavily implied they did nothing the night before except have sex, but then they see to know so much about each other. This really threw me off and I felt as though I was missing a huge chunk of story. I would have liked to see them have this conversation because it would have solidified their attraction for me, and not been such a leap.

So this one was a bit of mixed bag for me. The MCs were engaging, and the sexual chemistry between them was off the charts. But I felt like I was missing pertinent information to really make this story work. If you’re looking for a quick, hot read, consider picking this one up. But if you’re looking for more romance and connection, it might not be for you.

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