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Length: Novel


Infernal Sin is the third book in the Primal Sin trilogy and the books are intended to be read in order. While this review will not contain spoilers for this book, the review will naturally reveal plot points of the series in general.  

“An angel and a demon fell in love, and the world went to war…”

It started out as revenge. Severn wanted revenge for a wrong that altered him down to his core. When something so primal was taken from him, Severn gave up something else vital to be able to disguise himself as an angel to seek revenge on the highest angel, Mikhail. No one knew he was a demon and, at times, Severn felt he was losing himself as well. Until he fell in love with his enemy. But when Mikhail found out Severn’s true nature, the war that had been brewing between angels and demons burned out of control.

Severn is now seen as a traitor to the demons and he’s knows getting them on his side to end the war once and for all will not be easy, but with Mikhail now on his side, the world is a whole lot brighter. Until Mikhail is brutally taken from Severn once again and neither of them can be sure of anything, especially if their love is true.

As lies are exposed and traitors show their true hand, Mikhail and Severn have to work together to show the angels and the demons that they were never meant to be enemies. But there are those that don’t want change, that don’t believe in the truth, and when power becomes the ultimate goal, Severn and Mikhail once again have to fight for their lives to unite angels and demons as it was always meant to be.

Infernal Sin was a highly anticipated read for me as Severn and Mikhail are two of my favorite Ariana Nash characters. The previous book, Eternal Sin, ended in a precarious place and I was completely invested in seeing this story play out. A true enemies-to-lovers pairing, Mikhail and Severn have unimaginable obstacles in their quest to belong to each other.

Angels and demons have been at war for a long, long time and have been conditioned and manipulated by those afraid of love. Everyone thinks that Mikhail and Severn, an angel and a demon, are traitors for loving each other, but that was they way it was always supposed to be, though not everyone wants to believe this.

Mikhail and Severn have amazing chemistry and it’s a treat to see them embrace their feelings in all the different stages they go through. Nash excels at world building and it’s fascinating to read the imagery that seems to magically appear on the page. The combination of the richly layered landscape and the character depth makes for a truly enchanting fantasy story of an angel and demon falling for each other. And that’s what this entire trilogy is about—love and the many sides and forms it takes. Don’t let that make you think that anything is easy for Mikhail and Severn, as Nash’s characters seem to always have the most difficult of times to achieve the ultimate reward.

There is a large story here and, as the battle waged on and the pieces clicked into place, I was hoping for a little more with Mikhail and Severn at the end. They are most certainly in a great place at the end, but when the epilogue moved to secondary characters and opened a door for a new story, I would have liked for more special moments between Mikhail and Severn.

The earliest set up for this story, from what led Mikhail and Severn to meet, to how Severn became close to Mikhail to cultivate their relationship, will remain one of my favorite setups. The Primal Sin series offers ultimate deceptions and betrayals to all consuming love in a richly detailed fantasy world and is definitely worthy of your time.

“An angel and a demon fell in love….” “And they changed the world forever.”