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Logan Graves is a well-known romance author. He knows he’s good looking, everyone he meets seems to want to sleep with him, and his insatiable sexual appetite becomes the basis for his books. Except, his last book didn’t sell well and Logan’s creativity feels tapped out. A trip across the ocean to small town Vermont seems like the perfect inspiration and Logan is ready to sample all of the tempting men that cross his path.

Brody is not in a good mood. He hasn’t been for a while, but definitely not in the last three months since his fiancé left him at the altar. He’s trying to get his maple wine business going, but Brody has no marketing plan and no sales presence. He also is resigned to stay grumpy.  A bet has Logan determined to get Brody into his bed, but Brody doesn’t seem interested and Brody’s ex is still hanging around. Logan thinks a fake relationship is the best option to get close to Brody and to keep Brody’s ex from trying to get to him again. But spending time with Brody feels different to Logan and his heart might be falling fast.

Insatiable is part of the Vino and Veritas collection, which is a set of multi-author stories set in the larger World of True North universe. The books are designed to be standalone stories that can be read in any order and should feature the Vino and Veritas wine bar and bookstore.

Sometimes, you just know from the start that a book isn’t for you and this book and these characters were not for me. I didn’t care for Logan from page one. He is coming to Vermont from England to find writing inspiration. He’s cocky and sure of himself and completely certain that every man he meets will go to bed with him and never want to leave. Wherever Logan goes, everyone he encounters knows his name. Now, Logan is a gay erotica author and it was a stretch that every single person he met knew who he was, whether they were readers or not, like he was the biggest celebrity ever. Of course, of course, his soon to be love interest has no idea who he is and, to me, Logan came across as wish fulfillment.

When Logan meets Brody, he knows immediately that Brody is his next conquest. Logan doesn’t care that Brody has a broken heart and doesn’t seem to care about anything really other than getting Brody under him and a bet then takes place to do exactly that. Logan can’t possibly understand that Brody isn’t interested. Brody is grumpy and, while getting left at the altar is enough to make anyone grumpy, it seemed that Brody was grumpy way before that. Brody’s ex is jealous, though, when he sees Brody with Logan and Logan has plan, always a plan, and a fake boyfriend relationship starts. Logan is also a marketing genius with 15 years experience and he’s going to help Brody with his wine and rename it Brody’s Secret Maple Wine (because that’s the best he can do with all his experience) and, of course, Brody thinks this is the best name ever.

Logan is persistent in his pursuit of Brody and when he meets Brody’s parents, Brody’s mother is “ogling” Logan and “draping” herself over him because she thinks he’s just so good looking as well. Logan is from England and, besides a few British words thrown in, he sounded exactly the same as Brody. This was Logan’s first visit to Vermont and we are told he doesn’t know anyone, yet all of a sudden, he has a local friend he can call for a favor. Logan’s sudden change and his falling in love was not developed well and I never saw the appeal on either side of this relationship. There was also almost no tie-in to the larger series world, and with Logan being this super popular author, he doesn’t visit the Vino and Veritas bookstore. There is a book signing scene at the end, but it’s never specifically said where Logan is.

I find the books in this series sporadic in quality and caliber and, if you are interested in this series, I would not recommend starting here.

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