Today I am so pleased to welcome Maya Nicole and Britt Andrews to Joyfully Jay. Maya and Britt have come to talk to us about their latest release, Catching Kalen. They have also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving them a big welcome!

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“That’s all the time we have for today. Make sure to check your syllabus and submit your response by this evening. Tomorrow, come ready to discuss the reading. Kalen, a word before you leave, please.” The room burst into chatter at my dismissal as students began heading out of the room.

I busied myself with packing up my belongings so I wouldn’t have to see if Kalen was coming or not. Why did he make me so unsure of myself? My brain wanted to ignore his presence and carry on like he was any other student, but I craved him.

“You wanted to speak with me, Professor Jackson?” His voice washed over me like warm rain on a summer’s day, and I stopped myself from reacting by slinging my bag over my shoulder to distract myself.

“Yes. Walk with me.” My heart thudded in my chest as I walked out of the classroom with him right behind me.

I started walking up the stairs when suddenly I couldn’t feel him following me anymore. I stopped at the half landing and looked down at him, still standing a few steps from the bottom.

He adjusted his hat and looked up at me with eyes I wanted to get lost in. His cheeks were pink, and he looked uncomfortable as he shifted his weight from foot to foot.

“Where are we going?” He had returned to being apprehensive and shy. Gone was the man who had let me suck him off and come on his stomach.

“To my office. We need to talk.”


catching kalenDiamond Dreams, Book 1

The call never came.

So, I did what any major league hopeful reject would do: I went to the bar to escape my reality.

When I locked gazes with a pair of gorgeous blue eyes, I knew the night was going to be anything but normal.

Especially since I’d never been with a man.

One night of passion left me questioning everything. It was supposed to be a random hookup but when I walked into my summer school course there he was, standing at the front of the room.

My professor.

Will Monroe catch me, or will he strike out?


Maya Nicole is an author of Paranormal Reverse Harem & Contemporary MM Romance novels. She’s a former elementary school teacher who decided to pursue her second passion and write full-time. She has always loved reading and writing, and loves being able to bring that love to others.

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Britt Andrews is an author of Paranormal Reverse Harem & Contemporary MM Romance novels. She loves eating Mexican food, reading all the books, and living her best mom life in rural Ohio. Britt is a high energy extrovert who loves shattering glass ceilings and expectations. She tries to bring her humor across in her words, hoping to make every reader laugh out loud in public at least once, trust us, she’ll get you when you least suspect it.

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