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When Archie Morris interviews for a new PA position, he never could have imagined it would be with his favorite author, Hamish Cameron. Hamish has earned a reputation for being a difficult boss, but Archie is a great PA and he is confident he is the right person for the job. The fact that Hamish is a gorgeous bear of a man doesn’t hurt either.

Hamish has been struggling for a while with his writing. His muse has left him, particularly since he is stuck fulfilling a contract for a series that no longer inspires him. But something about Archie is helping Hamish to get his energy back for his writing. Hamish will admit he is also very attracted to Archie, but he knows better than the lust after his employee. Yet the way Archie calls him “Sir” does things to Hamish and keeping his attraction hidden isn’t easy.

When Hamish has Archie organize a party at his house, Archie inadvertently learns that it is a kink party. Although he is nervous, the party is the perfect opportunity for Archie to show Hamish he is into kink, as well as into Hamish. At first, Hamish is taken aback by the idea, but he can’t deny his attraction to Archie. If the pair can find a way to separate the business side of their relationship from the professional one, they could make it work. As the men spend more time together, they realize that they are perfect for each other, and both men are falling hard. The situation is complicated, but with a little work, Archie and Hamish may find a way to turn their feelings into a life-long love.

A is for Aftercare is the first book in the Alphabet of Desire series by Colette Davison. The books feature three triplet brothers, Archie, Blake, and Corey. We meet all three men here, as the brothers are close and live with one another. We also meet all of their intended partners, as it quickly becomes clear that Blake and Corey will be pairing up with Hamish’s best friends. The three books are coming out in quick succession and I enjoyed the set up for the series. The brothers are all close, but also have distinct personalities and Davison does a nice job making them individual characters.

The biggest conflict here comes early on as Archie realizes he wants Hamish and that he has an opportunity to show Hamish his feelings outside of work by showing up to the party. The guys have some issues to negotiate as they figure out how to have a professional working relationship, as well as a personal one. However, once that initial hurdle is resolved, things are pretty smooth sailing for Hamish and Archie here. Most of the book focuses on the men falling in love with one another, with assorted kink scenes interwoven. Davison describes the books as “steamy, low angst novels,” which I think fits this story perfectly. I found the BDSM side of this one engaging, as the men have a focus on sensory play, which is not something I read about often. The focus here is less on the intensity of the scenes than on the soft feelings they evoke in both men and the tenderness in the aftermath. That said, they do engage in things like wax play and fire play, so this is definitely a story with some significant kink.

The men are sweet together, particularly after the start when Hamish’s initial surliness subsides. As I said, there isn’t much here in the way of conflict as the book moves on, so at times I wished for a little more happening in the way of plot. Even things that looked to be potential issues, like how Archie’s relationship affects his brothers and niece, ended up resolving very easily. So I personally would have liked a little more energy toward the latter half. That said, Davison delivers on exactly what is promised here and I found the story to be sweet, romantic, and enjoyable. The series set up is intriguing, and I am particularly interested in Blake’s book up next. So if you are looking for some sweet, sexy, and kinky books with a nice connection among the trilogy, definitely check this one out.

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