Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story


American Squire is set after the events of the New Camelot series and the blurb and the book contain spoilers for the series. This book would best be enjoyed after reading the trilogy.

Ryan Belvedere has lost his way. Being the presidential aide was everything to him and even though some time has passed, he hasn’t recovered from the tragic events. He agrees to go to England to recover a rare book from the elusive manor, Thornchapel. It’s there he meets cold Sidney Blount, just the type of Dominant to set Ryan ablaze. Ryan didn’t know what he was looking for, but Sidney knows exactly what Ryan needs.

If you have read the New Camelot series, Ryan Belvedere will be a familiar name to you as he was Ash’s former presidential aide. We only got glimpses of him in the series, but at one point he was integral to the bond that held Ash, Embry, and Greer together.

Ryan is devastated by the events that occurred and is drifting through life. The request to go to England gives him a purpose and a direction and a new start to his life. He meets Sidney almost right away when he arrives and is immediately struck by everything about Sidney. Sidney is calculating and controlled and if he can be cruel at times, he’s still exactly the Dominant that Ryan has dreamed about.

This is a quick, sometimes erotic story of seeing Ryan and Sidney start to draw out what a relationship between them could look like. We also see the manor’s owner, Auden Guest, and this book then works as the introduction to the Thornchapel series. It was great seeing Ryan have his own story and being able to move on with the life he wanted with Sidney setting the terms. It’s certainly a book you would want to read after the New Camelot trilogy and then a great way to start the Thornchapel series as well. Simone excels not only with the lengthy books that make up the full series, but also in getting just a taste of what the future holds for Ryan Belvedere.