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With the death of his father, Grayson Valins has finally gotten to flex his muscles as president of the family company. But as an omega, Grayson’s tenure as a corporate leader will be a short one, especially if his younger brother eventually presents as an alpha. It doesn’t matter that Grayson has worked his entire life to achieve his success; as an omega, alphas will always be able to take that success away. Unless Grayson marries.

Zach Felder hates his attraction to Grayson Valins. After all, the man is orchestrating the takeover of his family’s business. Everything Zach’s parents have worked to build is going to be destroyed, and Zach’s attraction to the omega doesn’t help. When Grayson offers up a proposition that could benefit them both, Zach must decide if he can learn to love the man he’s supposed to hate.

Omegas in Power is the first in a new series set in a generalized omegaverse world. It contains two strong, well-developed characters that have an engaging romance, despite the over usage of coincidence to forward the plot line.

Zach and Grayson are both complex characters and they really serve as the highlight of the book. Both are dealing with serious emotional upheavals and challenges and serve as strong foils for one another. As a reader, I felt like I knew each of them as individuals and could really appreciate the journeys they faced, both separately and as a couple. They worked well together and despite the contrived circumstances that brought them together, the development of their romance seemed believable and possessed real emotional depth.

The plot to Omegas in Power is a stretch that tends to rely too heavily on improbable intersections and coincidence. There are too many unrealistic events that occur to throw both the men and their extended families together. It makes certain events unbelievable, which is a shame given the strength of the main couple.

Despite the weaker areas of the plot, I was still able to enjoy Omegas in Power for the most part and found the interplay between Zach and Grayson to the strongest part of the book. They were excellent characters who meshed as a couple and added a layer of palpable emotion to the story. I think if you like the alpha/omega romantic balance, then I think you’re going to enjoy Omegas in Power.

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