Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novel


Nova is looking forwarded to getting out of the city and heading to the cabin by the lake that he went to as a kid. He needs time away and he needs time with his teenage son, Cooper. Nova expects peace and quiet and certainly not a mysterious radio broadcast from a defunct radio station with staticky rantings about a decades-old case. He also doesn’t expect a hot man in the cabin on the other side of the lake and Nova also doesn’t figure on the man having a teenage daughter who will distract Cooper from their plans. None of them expect to find a dead body in the lake and, when questions don’t get answered, Noah knows there are secrets being hidden in the small town.

Mercy’s number one priority is his daughter, Raelynn. He’s devoted to her and protective of her and hasn’t dated in years. One look at Nova and all of Mercy’s plans begin to come undone. But as the men grow closer, danger is lurking in the very place that was supposed to bring them peace. When Mercy and Nova team up with their kids for some amateur detective work, not everyone in town wants to answer their questions. In fact, there are those that want them silenced for good.

Radio Static offers a romantic suspense story for Nova and Mercy, and it was easy to want both of these men find their way to each other. The attraction sparks from the moment they see each other, with Nova checking out Mercy doing yoga on the dock and Mercy checking out everything about Nova. There is a nice feel to the start of this book with the men getting to know each other while trying to manage their teenagers as well. They decide that due to the circumstances, they will remain friends, but their bodies don’t seem to get the message and as their attraction develops, so do their feelings.

The mystery aspect starts to get set up in the beginning, as well when Nova and Cooper hear a mysterious radio message during their drive to the cabin. There continues to be a nice vibe here, even as the conversation moves to include a decades-old missing person case that the authorities say was solved. However, things don’t add up for Nova, who spent summers in the area as a teen himself. And then, a dead body is discovered in the lake, turning their idyllic summer vacation into a frightening place to be. It’s here that the book started to slide off course for me.

The premise of the mystery was generic, with a small-town teen girl missing and conflicting stories from the town residents. Nova and Mercy do some amateur sleuthing regarding the missing person case, as well as looking more into the recent dead body and the middle of the book got a little slow for me. While it was great to get more details, the pace didn’t keep the story moving in a way to still make it exciting before it picked up again further in. The culprit was evident right from the start (which was disappointing) and when Nova and Mercy continue to dismiss many inconsistencies, it worked against the tension of the mystery. Also, the radio broadcasts that reflect in the title of the book and start off the mystery fell flat for me when the answer was fully exposed.

The relationship between the men is the part that worked best for me, but their start is isolated by the cabin setting. Then, their relationship moves forward as the book winds down and we don’t get to see that part on page, and I would have enjoyed more balance to that side of the story. I really liked both Nova and Mercy and watching them fall for each other made for good reading, but the mystery was too basic for my tastes.