Today I am so pleased to welcome Ava Beringer to Joyfully Jay. Ava has come to talk to us about her latest release, His Protective Alpha. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

his protective alpha



The bell rang above the door.

“Come on now,” I joked, not looking up just yet. “You know I’m closed on the inside now.”

“Rashad.” A familiar voice. One that made my blood run cold. One I thought I’d never hear again.

I dropped the stack of coffee cups in my hand. They scattered on the floor, the styrofoam making soft tap sounds as they rolled away. My gut dropped and my belly clenched. Every muscle in my body tensed in fear.

I stood up, tucked behind the cash register, gripping the edge of the counter so hard my hands ached. The man I thought I was in love with for so long stood in my place of business, in the town I now called home, smiling at me. It was the same smile he wore when I first met him at twenty-five, the one that made me fall for him. The same one that, even now, made feelings of love and loyalty bubble up in me, which I quickly suppressed.

It wasn’t love, it was poison. Brainwashing. It was the same smile he’d used to control and bully me, and ultimately, the same one I saw as I ran, tail tucked between my legs. The same remnants of that fear were in me, especially now with him invading my privacy, my space, the sense of peace and well-being I’d finally found.

“Vince.” My voice was barely above a whisper.

He stuck his hands in his jeans pockets, making himself look humble and harmless. Liar. “Hey, baby. I found you. I’ve come to take you home.”

“How did you find me?”


his protective alphaSeven Corners Shifters, Book 1

The last thing I wanted was to run from my past straight into my fated mate.

Omega wolf Rashad Hall is running. He needs a safe place to start over, and the last thing he wants is an alpha. When he steps into Seven Corners and immediately scents “mate,” he fights his most basic impulse to seek out his one true love, Bronx Bolder, the lead alpha who has to grant permission to stay on his territory. Instead Rashad trespasses, courting disaster, but he’s irresistibly drawn the strong, tempting, in-control alpha. Rashad can’t let go of his fears. What happens when he can’t stay away from Bronx, either?

Alpha wolf Bronx Bolder can’t find an omega strong enough to stand by his side, and he’s tired of looking. When he discovers omega wolf Rashad started a small successful business on his territory, Bronx starts out feeling irked but soon comes to admire Rashad’s fighting spirit. When he realizes they’re fated mates, it’s easy to fall in love- and into bed- with the alluring, mysterious omega. Rashad pulls Bronx close, then pushes him away. Rashad’s keeping a lot of secrets, including the result of their tryst- a pregnancy. When Rashad’s past comes back to bite him, can Bronx protect him and the new life in his womb?

What’s Rashad running from? How will his past come back to haunt him? Can Bronx help his fated mate overcome his fears for a chance at true love?


ava beringer bio imageAva Beringer is a major-league nerd who started off writing fanfiction and fell in love with mpreg and omegaverse. She loves to heat up a slick omega and a knotty alpha. By day she’s a good thirty-something midwestern girl, but she has a dark side. Okay, not really. She’s as bubbly as champagne but she can be pretty darn cheeky when you get her going.

She’s an aspiring digital nomad who’s traveled to thirty-two countries and counting. If she’s lucky, a cat will adopt her along the way.

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