Today I am so pleased to welcome Vawn Cassidy to Joyfully Jay. Vawn has come to talk to us about her latest release, Suddenly Beck. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving Vawn a big welcome!

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I press my face into Nat’s skin and breathe him in again. I love the scent of him, sandalwood, and a light sheen of sweat, overlaid by something darker, earthier. The scent of sex, the scent of me on his gorgeous body.

I hum in pleasure as I slide my hand down underneath his torso, skimming over his ribs, down his flat stomach.

‘Forget it, Casanova,’ Nat mumbles hoarsely into the cushions, his voice deliciously gravelly from sleep, alcohol and many, many orgasms. ‘I couldn’t get it up right now with good intentions, scaffolding, and a blessing from the Pope.’

I can feel the stupid smile on my face as he rolls over and I lean in and kiss his lips gently. ‘Morning,’ I murmur.

His smile falters slightly. ‘I’m sorry I fell asleep. I meant to go back to the B&B.’

‘Hey.’ I grasp his chin and lift his face, no longer caring about a stupid boundary that makes absolutely no sense. ‘I want you here with me.’

‘Really?’ His eyes widen, and I nod, watching him as he lifts his hand, tracing the shape of my mouth, tugging the skin lightly with his thumb.

I catch his hand in mine and place a kiss to his palm, and his gaze snags on my fingers.

‘Beck.’ He frowns. ‘Why are your hands covered in paint?’ He glances down at the red, blue, and gold smears on his chest. ‘Why am I covered in paint?’

‘You don’t remember?’ I laugh as I prop my head on my hand, tracing my other hand across his chest lazily as I lean over him.

‘Remember what?’

‘You wanted me to paint you last night,’ I remind him in amusement. ‘You were very insistent.’

‘I was?’ He frowns, trying to remember through the haze of alcohol. His gaze sweeps the room, and he sees the easel set up, and on it is a large canvas facing away from us, and the table beside it is littered with brushes and oil paints.

‘It’s no good.’ He decides as I shift off him, and he swings his legs over the side of the sofa. ‘I have to look.’ He grabs the sweatpants off the floor and pulls them on with me ogling his perfectly rounded arse shamelessly.

He pads across the floor and rounds the easel, and the look on his face is priceless. His eyes widen and his mouth falls open. He brings his hands to his face, pressing his fingers either side of the bridge of his nose, steepling his hands across his nose and mouth in the way I’ve learned he does when he’s embarrassed.

‘Oh my god.’ His words muffled by his hands.

I roll off the sofa, wrapping the throw around my naked body as I cross the floor and stand behind him, tucking the throw around us both and nestling my chin into the curve where his neck meets his shoulder.

‘I think I’ve captured your best features, what do you think?’

‘What do I think? What do I think?’ His voice rises incredulously. ‘Oh my god, paint some bloody clothes on me, you utter twat.’


suddenly beck coverBelong to Me, Book 1

A surprisingly sweet, sinfully sexy, and deliciously funny romp along the Cornish coast.

Nathan Elliott has run away from home at the age of twenty-six. His teenage rebellion may have come ten years late, but better late than never. Leaving behind a world of wealth and privilege, and a strict patriarchal family that would never accept a gay son, he’s ready to embrace life and make up for lost time, but nothing’s ever that simple. A coin toss, a delayed train, and a wrong bus later, and Nat finds himself in a small bay in Cornwall being hauled out of the ocean by a gorgeous stranger and wondering how the hell his life got so off track.

Beck Ainsley lives life by a very simple ethos, don’t get attached, don’t get involved and don’t fall in love. He’s been there, done that and got the t-shirt that reads I’m a gullible idiot. Now, he keeps his life simple; all he needs is his dog, his art, his rambling sea cottage overlooking the bay and a few choice waves to surf. He’s not looking for love or commitment, but when he ends up plucking a posh boy from London with incredible blue eyes from the ocean, Cupid doesn’t just shoot him with an arrow, he clubs him senseless with the bow too.

One simple agreement. A summer fling, a chance to act on the insane attraction between them with no strings attached, and at the end of the summer they walk away.
There’s just one problem, fate is a fickle and capricious creature, and she has no intention of letting them walk away unscathed. They’re about to discover that sometimes the heart wants, what the heart wants…

From author Wendy Saunders writing as Vawn Cassidy, comes this hot and sweet, first time, MM romance that will leave you laughing out loud and singed from the heat…


vawn cassidy avatarVawn Cassidy is the MM pen name of author Wendy Saunders. She lives in Hampshire in the UK with her husband and three children. She writes Supernatural and Contemporary Fantasy Fiction as Wendy Saunders and Romantic Suspense as WJ Saunders.

Suddenly Beck is her debut MM novel and was borne of her love and enjoyment of MM Romance. During the lockdown, she wanted to write something fun and light-hearted, and as a quirky and unapologetic Brit herself, she wanted to set a story back home in the UK as opposed to her other fiction which is primarily set in the states.

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