Today I am so pleased to welcome Charlie Novak to Joyfully Jay. Charlie has come to talk to us about her latest release, Summer Kisses. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Josh POV

“Anyway,” he said quietly, leaning impossibly close so I could see every tiny detail of his face. “You know why.”

It was true. I did. Our past, our present, and our future were all connected. I knew exactly where it had started and probably how it would end. But I couldn’t focus on any of that with him this close to me… with his fingers holding my face in a way that was so familiar yet so alien.


He leant forward, his lips brushing mine. The kiss was almost hesitant at first as if he was wondering whether I was going to punch him or not. I was still stunned, frozen to the spot while emergency lights and sirens flared in my brain. Then he went to step back and something inside me snapped. My phone clattered to the floor as my hands fisted in the front of his jacket, pulling him closer to me as I deepened the kiss, turning one soft, tentative brush of lips into something deep, endless, and hungry. Aaron growled and nipped at my lip, pushing me up against the island as his tongue pushed into my mouth. Each kiss was fierce, neither of us giving way as years of repressed emotion suddenly surged forward in a tidal wave.

Aaron’s fingers shoved my t-shirt up out of the way, tracing across my chest. I groaned into his mouth as his thumb brushed firmly over one nipple, my own hands trying to find their way inside his jacket. Aaron’s hand moved down my stomach before dipping into the waistband of the black jogging bottoms I was wearing. I gasped, my cock throbbing as his fingers wrapped around the shaft. Oh God, I’d forgotten how good he was with his hands.

“W-wait,” I said, breaking the kiss for a second. “Not here.” Aaron looked at me and then realisation that we were still in the kitchen, and dancing on the limit of breaking every food safety regulation ever invented, spread across his face. He growled, pulled his hand out of my boxers, and grabbed the front of my t-shirt, unceremoniously towing me out of the kitchen and into the corridor. He shoved me up against the wall outside Ben’s office and ripped open his jacket, the buttons popping out of their slots and clattering on the floor.

“This isn’t the kitchen,” he said, his low voice melting my intestines. “So now you’re mine.”


summer kisses coverKiss Me, Book Two

Two chefs. Two summers. One shot at a second chance.

Aaron’s Plan
Get a better job
Learn more skills
Get money for restaurant
Don’t fall in love with Josh

Finesse menu
Stop being angry at Josh
Swear less (Ben’s idea)
Stop wanting to kiss Josh
Get Michelin stars
Stop being in love with Josh

Josh’s Plan
Start new job
Try not to burn out
Don’t fall in love with Aaron
Seriously. Don’t. It will only end badly…

Survive the summer
Get a new job?
Don’t get involved with Aaron again
Don’t think about kissing him
Don’t think about his smile
Don’t think about how much you still love him

Summer Kisses is a 78,000-word contemporary MM romance featuring two chefs with a complicated history, clashing egos, cheese toasties, and two summers that will change everything. It is part of the Kiss Me series and can be read as a standalone.

Content Warning: This novel contains mentions of drug use and issues of alcohol abuse.


Charlie Novak avatarCharlie lives in England with her husband and a dachshund named Biscuit. She spends most of her days wrangling other people’s words in her day job and then trying to force her own onto the page in the evening.

She loves cute stories with a healthy dollop of fluff, plenty of delicious sex, and happily ever afters — because the world needs more of them. Charlie also believes that loves comes in all shapes and sizes.

Charlie has very little spare time, but what she does have she fills with cooking, pole-dancing, reading and ice-hockey. She also thinks that everyone should have at least one favourite dinosaur…

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