Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel


Neil is a successful contract lawyer, having made partner young through hard work and excellence. Now he’s middle aged, alone, and feeling like love has simply passed him by. All he wants is a Daddy, but daddies don’t want forty somethings who are a bit too round and far from twinky cuteness. When his friend convinces Neil to go to a singles kink weekend at a mountain lodge, Neil isn’t sure what to expect, but he knows he won’t fit in. 

Jamie and Sebastian have finally realized their dream of opening Meadowlark Lodge, a mountain hideaway for everyone. But their finances are on the brink and it’s looking more and more like the Lodge will have to close. Their destination weekend for kinky singles is another effort to keep their business afloat. Sebastian and Jamie are in the lifestyle themselves, but after  their third, Henri, abandoned them, they’re hardly interested in a new partner. Yet from the moment Sebastian, Jamie, and Neil meet, there’s an a connection none can resist. Neil knows it’s supposed to just be a casual fling, but he can’t help wanting to be Sebastian’s Boy along with Jamie, and he dares to hope they might feel the same. But when disaster strikes, each man must decide what they want from the future and who they want standing by their side. 

All Tied Up is part of the Destination Daddies collection, a multi-author set of books that can be read as standalones. So I’m the first to admit I’m always a bit cautious when it comes to Daddy/boy romances because while many have been great, some have left me disconnected and disappointed. Happily, All Tied Up falls into the former category for the most part. This book is heavy on various aspects of kink, aside from Daddy/boy, so know that going forward. 

The characters are definitely the strongest aspect of this book. Each member of the threesome is multi-layered and well developed. They read as realistic and genuinely human in their foibles and capacity for love. I felt especially for Neil who desperately wanted to find a small measure happiness, but felt outcast because he didn’t fit society’s defined expectation of beauty. There’s plenty of sex to be had, though these scenes tend to be overly long, occasionally to the point of excess. 

The overall story of All Tied Up was fairly strong and I found myself engaged save for a few points where the pacing lagged. This didn’t happen often and didn’t detract from my over all enjoyment. I do think the ending dragged on far too long. It was a prolonged affair and just didn’t add that much to the story. There seems to be a trend among romances these days to add epilogues that just sort of dangle without purpose, rather than being a fully defined part of the plot. 

All Tied Up was a relatively enjoyable read. I found myself championing Neil, Jamie, and Sebastian wanting them to find their happily ever after. There are some slower moments, but I think fans of kink and sweet romances are going to appreciate what All Tied Up has to offer.