Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel


Andrew has been doing okay as the co-owner of an auto parts store. But when there is damage to the roof and insurance says it’s not covered, Andrew needs to find the money for repairs. Now, Andrew has an opportunity to make a lot of money pretending to be the boyfriend of his roommate’s billionaire brother for the weekend, all because his name is Andrew. You see, Sullivan Stapleton had a boyfriend named Andrew, and while his family never met that Andrew, they think they are still together. Sullivan never got around to telling his family they split up for a variety of reasons, and now he’s expected to show up at the family wedding with a date.

Andrew has dated women that never seemed the right fit for him and now he’s thinking things about Sullivan and giving in to the temptation that is Sullivan Stapleton. Andrew has lots of questions and Sullivan wants to provide all the answers. The weekend goes by too quickly for both men and when neither man wants to let go, they could both be looking at their Mr. Right.

Mr. Right Now is the second book in Olsen’s Suits and Sevens series, which is a spin-off from the Love & Luck series. The two series do overlap and characters from many books appear here and while you don’t have to have read every book, being familiar with some of them would make for a better reading experience.

This is an easy to enjoy story all around from the plot line to the characters and the pacing. Sullivan is a successful and wealthy man, but his mother still has influence over him and he gets himself in a situation where he does not have a date for sister’s wedding and he is expected to bring one. When Sullivan meets his brother’s roommate, who has the same name as his most recent ex, Sullivan has a plan. This Andrew isn’t at all like Sullivan’s usual type and it also doesn’t hurt that Andrew is easy on the eyes.

Andrew needs cash quickly to repair his business and finds himself in an improbable situation. He has dated women, but nothing ever fit and the thought of being Sullivan’s fake boyfriend is an easier part for him to play than he thought it would be and unlocks something that he never thought about for himself before. The guys are almost all in right from the start. There is attraction and a need to explore on Andrew’s part and Sullivan tries to give Andrew all the time he needs to figure himself out. But, when Andrew asks Sullivan for certain things, Sullivan is all in showing Andrew how it can be between them.

As with all of the overlapping books in these two series, many of the men play rugby. It always makes me pause as while you can find rugby in NY, I don’t think it is nearly as popular as these books want to make you believe.

Maybe it was all a little too easy for Andrew and Sullivan, but if you are looking for two guys who get together with few obstacles in their way, this is the book for you.