Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novella


As young men, Alex and Zachary fell in love. But Zach was from the wrong side of the tracks and, despite wanting to make a life with Alex, he walked away so Alexander could have the life he deserved, breaking both their hearts Seven years later, Zach is not doing so great and a chance meeting on a train brings the men back together. When circumstances turn sideways, Zach has no choice but to take Alexander up on his offer of hospitality.

Though the men have grown up, neither one of them have really moved on. Zach is determined to walk away again, seeing the life Alexander has made for himself. But Alexander isn’t willing to give Zach up again. It takes them a while to communicate on the same level and to be truly honest with each other. But when they do, they realize the bond they forged when they were younger will be enough to see them through.

This book has a fated mates feel to it, even though that’s not expressly what it is, so that must be taken into account when evaluating this tale. We begin seeing the MCs when they are first in love and subsequently part ways. We then jump forward to see their reunion. This book has a quick pace without a whole lot of detail, and the reader needs to just jump in and go with it.

Since this story is told through dual third-person POV, we get to understand what is going on in both Zach and Alexander’s heads. This goes a long way for me being able to roll with the story. To be honest, if we hadn’t gotten the dual POV, I would have thought one or the other MC was being unreasonable and ridiculous, and it would have made the ending very hollow. But since the author does a good job of showing where both men are coming from, it’s easier to just go with the story. Both Zach and Alexander have preconceived notions about the other from what happened all those years ago, and they definitely have to work on being honest in order to have true communication. The chemistry between them was great though, so even when they were butting heads, it was clear they connected.

There isn’t a lot of detail about the world or about how society works, and while that’s normally something I very much enjoy, I was able to just accept it as is in this story. But I will stress here that you have to be just able to go with it and accept things. This story is quick, and it’s about two men finding their way back to each other, but it does require a suspension of disbelief, both in the world building and in their relationship. The men are at odds with one another, and then they’re ready to build a life together without much discussion or addressing the hurt of the past. They talk around the issue a lot, but with a few comments from both sides, they’re ready to build a life. While I liked the romantic idea of this, especially because, as I said, it has a fated mates feel even if it wasn’t explicitly said, without that element, this story wouldn’t have worked at all.

If you’re looking for a reunited lovers story without a whole lot of angst, with mpreg, and that’s a quick read, I would suggest giving this one a try.