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Archer has been in love with his best friend, Clint, almost since they met. However, Archer hasn’t worked up the nerve to tell Clint, since he isn’t sure they want the same things. Archer craves a Daddy, and while he knows in his heart that Clint would actually be quite perfect for him, Clint is totally unfamiliar with a Daddy/boy dynamic. But after a bad date, a little too much alcohol, and some truths that may not have been uttered in the light of day, the two men end up having a hot encounter that just confirms for Archer that Clint is exactly who he wants.

Clint is very drawn to Archer as well, but he worries he can’t give Archer what he needs. But Clint cares for Archer deeply and is willing to explore things with him. And when the two of them end up at a weekend kink event, it is chance for both men to explore what they might be together.

Archer and Clint end up fitting perfectly with one another and Clint is giving Archer everything he wants and needs. The relationship is wonderful for Clint as well, and he loves being able to take care of Archer and dote on him, and he is getting everything he wants in return. But Clint also can’t help but worry, as Archer is much more wealthy, and Clint worries he can’t provide for him financially. Clint also fears he is out of his depth, and that being new to the scene means he won’t be able to a good Daddy to Archer. But Archer knows that Clint is his perfect match. Now all he has to do is make sure Clint knows that he is everything Archer could want.

Reel Love is sweet, sexy, and a lot of delicious fun. It is a fairly short novel, but author Kate Hawthorne does a great job setting up the connection between Archer and Clint and giving the foundation to their relationship, which then allowed their romance to develop so nicely. I love stories where people are having first time experiences, so this one was particularly suited to me. I really enjoyed watching Clint learn more about a Daddy/boy relationship and seeing him come into his inner Daddy. Clint is a natural at it, and his own personality, combined with the deep affection he has for Archer, allows him to really slide into the role. The dynamic between the men is super sexy, but also light and playful. Archer is kind of a brat, and Clint seems to know just how to handle him.

The conflict here comes from Clint’s own self doubts about whether he is right for Archer. Some of that comes from internal fears and some comes from comments made by others. He particularly worries because he feels like he should be a financial caretaker, yet Archer makes much more than him. So Clint needs to learn to accept that he is right for Archer, and Archer is able to help him understand that Clint is all he wants and needs.

Like I said, Reel Love is light and sexy and fun. It is a perfect summer read, particularly if you are in the mood for some mild kink and a lot of heat.

Note: Reel Love is also part of the larger multi-author Destination Daddies collection of standalones that feature some kinky getaways.

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