Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Isaac doesn’t have the best options where he is living and working for a shady escort service has left him in debt. Getting hired at Café Seuil seems like a much better option where he can work in the café by day and entertain clients by night. The environment seems much safer too, even if Isaac doesn’t understand the magic that makes the doors appear that the clients walk through. But not everything is going well for Isaac when night after night, his client doesn’t walk through the door.

Eli is next in line to be the leader of the wolf pack in Portland. He likes his job as a doctor though, even if it does demand a lot of his time. Between navigating the shifter community and his long hours at the hospital, Eli doesn’t have time for romance. But time is running out for him to provide an heir if he is to lead the pack. Eli is familiar with Café Seuil, as he attends to the staff’s medical needs, but Eli has never wanted to be a client. That is until a door appears in his bedroom and Eli does everything he can to not walk through it. Because Eli knows his destiny is waiting on the other side.

The Doctor’s Mate is the third book in the Men of Café Seuil series and I really like the world that has been created here. The story between Isaac and Eli does stand alone, but MCs from the earlier book appear and the world of the café connects throughout the series and I enjoyed reading the books in order.

Café Seuil is a unique place run by the owner, Melanie, where magical doors appear for clients to suit their needs. We learn a little bit more here on how it works, but Melanie still remains a mystery. Isaac is looking for a fresh start and he thinks the café could be that for him; at least he will be safe, and not alone. However, when his first client doesn’t show up, Isaac is convinced it’s his fault and that his stay at the café will a short one.

Eli is a little mortified that a door is showing up in his bedroom. He knows Melanie in a professional capacity and he never entertained the idea of becoming a client. Eli also never thought he would find a mate, but from the moment he sees Isaac, he can’t deny who Isaac is to him.

The story largely deals with the men coming to terms with the fact that they are mates and how Isaac, a human, could possibly fit into Eli’s shifter world, especially because Eli needs an heir. There have been other shifter MCs in the series as well, but there is little shifting in the book and the series focuses more on the relationships and the café then it does on the shifter world. Isaac accepts a lot of what he learns really easily, including huge events that affect him personally, and a little more from him in in those areas would have grounded the story better for me.

The world here is great and the author writes the tension of fated mates well. I enjoyed getting a few more pieces of the magical elements and I liked all the characters and how they have created a family for themselves at the café. The book is written in third person and that might be what keeps me feeling slightly removed from the action, but overall the series makes for entertaining reading. There are several characters that still have stories to tell, including Melanie, and I do look forward to visiting Café Seuil once again.