Today I am so pleased to welcome A.C. Andrews to Joyfully Jay. He has come to talk to us about his latest release, Descent of Ravens. A.C. has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving him a big welcome!

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Shoving the doors open, Rio burst into the main hall with his lumina already flashing. Turi, the knights, and the brothers came in on his heels, prepared to fight. They stopped dead in their tracks at what confronted them. 

Hala Ali stood with her arm around Doran’s neck, claws extended and fangs hovering just a breath away from his skin. Beside her stood Turi’s tormentor, the Lady in Red, her eyes fully restored. No healer could regrow eyes, but of course mages and vampires could cheat. 

“Hi, Meredith!” Turi shouted, almost gleefully. “I am SO HAPPY to see you again!” 

Okay, Rio thought, Turi was going a little overboard. Probably because he was terrified and trying to cover it. Mercy, to his right, growled a low rumble in his throat when he heard her name. So, he must know, Rio realized, what she did to Turi, Fran, and the brothers. 

“That was some prank you pulled, little kinji. Fortunately, the Archmage knows me well enough not to have fallen for it.” She sounded self-satisfied, as if that were a victory. “It is hopeless, for all of you! Even one of your precious halia couldn’t resist Ereth’s power.” Looking at Ali, Meredith gloated. “Like her, you will all be my slaves.”

Rio took a step forward, only to see Ali press a claw into Doran’s skin, drawing blood which she licked off his neck. Spectral wolves flickered into existence beside Turi, snarling and growling at Ali.

Meredith stared at Turi’s wolves but spoke to Rio. “Come any closer, Hali, and we will kill your traitorous brother. Turns out I was right to doubt this pirate offal. No loyalty! You will surrender now and face Ishima justice, or he dies.” 

Doran’s face was tense as he stared at Rio, his face resigned. Making his decision, Rio glanced to Mercy, who still had Oshi at his heels, snarling in Meredith’s direction. 

“Protect Turi,” he said in a low voice. Hearing Rio with her sharp senses, the curse in Hala Ali grinned in anticipation, a glint of malice crossing her crimson eyes. 

Gripping his staff tightly, Rio looked at his brother. 

“I’m sorry, Doran. But you chose your side.” Rio saw his brother give one last look his way before sucking in a breath and closing his eyes tightly. 

Rio ignited the lumina and anti-magic wards on his staff, filling the huge audience chamber with brilliant light. As Ali screamed under the weight of the light, she made good her promise, cutting open Doran’s throat as Colin raced to stop her. 


descent of ravens coverBel’s War, Book 1

The old covenant of the gods is broken. Will the world break, too?

When an army of vampires invades their home, Rio and Turi must fight for their future while the fate of an empire hangs in the balance.

The exiled son of an emperor, bitten and infected with the night-curse, seals himself into a tomb for eternity only to be awakened eight hundred years later by an awkward and anxious priest who needs his help saving their people. The healer Rio, a priest of Astara, is lost in grief and rage when war comes to Trosika. Yet he is drawn to the enigmatic vampire prince, pulled by a love that stretches across lifetimes. Can Philip help him save his religion from extinction?

A blind old woman gives Turi bones containing three spirit familiars. As the world around him falls apart, he must learn to accept himself and master his newfound necromancy in time to save his friends, his people, and his island.

How can they survive, when not even their patron goddess could stop the forces arrayed against them?

Descent of Ravens is an exciting new fantasy with LGBTQ+ characters and relationships, rich world-building, and dark adventure!


ac andrews bioAC Andrews lives in the upper-Midwest along the shores of Lake Michigan. He enjoys aquascaping, gardening, and reading M/M romances, epic fantasy, and urban fantasy. He brings a background in folklore and a love of the supernatural to his writing, working to transform the fantasies in his head into good (he hopes?) stories. His goal is to write engaging fantasy with LGBTQ+ protagonists.



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