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The boy is utterly gorgeous, from the top of his head to the tips of his toes, and maybe that’s why I’ve never done more than tease. Yet, he’s not a boy, he’s a man. Twenty-five, twenty-six, maybe, but he’s so fresh faced, it’s easy to forget.

It’d have been so easy, during the time I’ve known Perry, to launch a full scale seduction, but I’ve always stayed on the right side of the line, confining myself to flirting. It’s all because there’s a but, and it’s called Elliot. He wouldn’t think too much of me making a full-on move on his assistant, and he’d let me know it in no uncertain terms because he knows the sort of man I am. I know the sort of man I am. I don’t give a damn what most people may think of me, but Elliot’s my oldest, most valued friend, which doesn’t make him most people.

I’ve got some scruples, even if they are hidden somewhere deep and dark.

He burps and I’m enveloped in a beery cloud.

“James. James, James, James,” he says, slurring, his lips curving up into a sly smile. “Bet you like telling people what to do. I mean really, really, really like. Always flirting with me when you come into the office. Don’t think I don’t notice. ‘Cause I do.”

“And there was me, thinking I was being subtle. Here, drink some more.”

Perry does as he’s told, his former resistance forgotten.

He nods his head slowly, and his brow puckers as though he’s thinking hard, and trying to gather his thoughts.

“I’ve given it a lot of consid—consid—thought. Yes, thought. You’re hot. For an old man,” he adds.

“Very kind of you to say so.” Perhaps I should take the opportunity to tell him I still have all my own teeth and hair.

“You’re very welcome.” He takes another sip, this time managing to hold the mug himself. He’s still drunk, but the strong coffee seems to be taking the edge off his intoxication. “Can’t drink anymore. Sorry.” He puts the mug down with a clatter on the metal-topped table. Three quarters of it’s gone, and that’s good enough. Now, it’s a case of getting him up, out, and home.

“We going clubbing?” he says, when I pull him to his feet. He’s managing to keep upright, but he’s unsteady, swaying like a reed in the breeze.

“Not tonight. You need to get home and go to bed.”

And look forward to the monster hangover you’re going to have in the morning.

“Go to bed with you. I could show you what I can do with my—” he lurches forward, slinging his arms around me.

His surprise attack catches me off guard, causing me to stumble back a step or two.

“We can do all kinds of stuff. Kinky stuff. Do you like kinky stuff? You look like you like kinky stuff. Yeah, bet you’re a kinky old fucker.” He tries to kiss me, but I manage to duck and his lips slide across my ear, but I can’t avoid his leg, which he manages to hook around mine as he starts to dry hump me.

“Stop. At once.” I slap him hard on the arse and he yelps; he drops his leg and blinks at me, making me think of an ill-treated puppy.


take my breath away coverRescuing a beautiful boy wasnt supposed to be on my Friday night To Do list…


Perry’s my oldest friend’s young, sweet as sugar, totally adorable Executive. Assistant, so when I find him slumped over a table, blind drunk and alone in the corner of a bar, not rescuing him isn’t an option. I can give him everything he needs to help him become the man he wants to be. But there’s one thing I can’t give him, and they’re the promises I always break.


James came to my rescue when I needed him most, but any secret fantasy the sexy silver fox with the come to bed eyes could be my Knight in Shining Armour is only good for fairy tales. James lives his life free of ties and commitments, whereas all I want is to commit to being entangled.

Take My Breath Away is a slow burn, sweet with heat age gap MM romance. Expect forced proximity, a touch of angst, a secret crush, plenty of snark   and adventures with a farting dog.

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ali ryecart bioI used to tell my stories to myself, now I tell them to the world…

The stories I only ever told to myself took place in a world where it was boy meets boy, where best friends became more, where the hero didn’t save the damsel but the hot guy he’d been secretly crushing on.

I wanted to read those stories. I craved to read those stories. But those stories weren’t out there. Or that’s what I thought… Until one Christmas, when I unwrapped a shiny new e-reader. All it took was a few clicks, and my world changed forever.

I found my tribe.

But there is life outside of MM & gay romantic fiction in all its configurations. Allegedly.

When I’m forced to switch off the trusty, faithful word machine, there’s a husband to feed and talk to, pubs to drink in, and cake to eat. I love to do all those things and more, before I rush back to write all the words.

I’m a Londoner, born and bred and even though I now live just outside of the big bad city, I’m close enough to hop on a train so I can get my regular metropolitan fix.

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