Today I am so pleased to welcome Stephanie Lake to Joyfully Jay. Stephanie has come to talk to us about their release, His Brother’s Viscount. They have also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving a big welcome!

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Thank you all at Joyfully Jay. We are a great fan of your blog and are thrilled you will run Sara Scuttlebutt’s An Interview with Wentworth and Hector Part 1.

SCUTTLEBUTT: Hello dear audience, and welcome to the long awaited, once in a lifetime LIVE interview with Sir Hector Summerville, and Lord Wentworth (Ty to his intimates).

I am Sara Scuttlebutt Smith of the Looking Glass Times, and I am so excited to interview two of my favorite characters. Here they are in the raw with no censoring presence from their domineering authors Stephanie and Lake.

HECTOR: Lake is not domineering in my opinion.

WENTWORTH: We are not, nor shall we be ‘in the raw’ during this interview. I believe you are mistaken Miss Smith.

HECTOR: [To Wentworth] Ty, I believe she does not imply ‘without clothing’.

WENTWORTH: She had best not, because I refuse—

SCUTTLEBUTT: Gentlemen, gentlemen. Please, relax. And by the way, that is Ms. Smith, but since we are in such an intimate setting, let’s not stand on ceremony. Please call me Sara. Now, on to the topic at hand.

WENTWORTH: To you, madam, I am Lord Wentworth. And where do you get the audacity to call Hector by his given name?

HECTOR: It is these futuristic journalist types, Ty. They are much less formal than we.

SCUTTLEBUTT: Might we stay focused, gentlemen?

WENTWORTH: Now there is quite another thing. How is it you managed to arrange an interview with a reporter in the twenty-first century?

HECTOR: Quite by accident, I must say. [Hector sits forward in his chair.] You see, I was walking in Hyde Park with Mary, when out of the blue popped this little silver box and—

SCUTTLEBUTT: [rolls eyes] Dear audience, since this interview is not on video—a real pain in the posterior to arrange when holding an interview between the twenty-first century and the Regency period—I will give you a written visual. Our characters are sitting in two large leather chairs in front of a fire—

HECTOR: [interrupts] It is February here in London and quite wintry.

SCUTTLEBUTT: [sotto voce] Our guests are holding hands, while Wentworth lazily strokes the back of his young lover’s hand with his thumb. Both men are expertly attired, and as expected, they are wickedly handsome.

SCUTTLEBUTT: [To Hector and Wentworth] So, we know how the two of you met. You grew up together and then fell in love and re-fell in love as young adults. What Hector didn’t know at the time, was that you, Wentworth, had an undying passion for his brother this whole time.

WENTWORTH: [Splutters in a strangely elegant fashion, as aristocrats are taught at an early age to do everything gracefully.] You, madam, are impertinent! Come, dear, we need not put up with this insolence.


WENTWORTH: Lord Wentworth!

HECTOR: It actually took quite some time to arrange this interview with the future, Ty. I am certain no one there even knows who we are. I would like to see how this plays out. Do stay.

WENTWORTH: [Inaudible grumbling.]

SCUTTLEBUTT: [Raises voice to be heard over manly grousing] Sooooo, back to my question. Hector, when you learned of your lover’s duplicity, how did you feel?

WENTWORTH: [Storming out of chair.] How dare you, madam, dig up our painful past! Those were the bleakest days of our affair, and I will not have it shared for the delectation of your sensation-seeking readership.

HECTOR: [Turns pale, grabs Wentworth’s wrist.] Do calm down, Ty. We do not have to answer any question we do not feel comfortable with. I have that on the best authority.

WENTWORTH: Whose authority?

HECTOR: Well, the little silver box of course.

WENTWORTH: [Sits] Fine then. We refuse to answer questions along these lines. Next.

SCUTTLEBUTT: [Purses lips with displeasure but moves on.] So then, many of our readers want to know what all the fuss is over the Indian headdress incident. Who was involved? How old were you? Why is it such a well held secret?

WENTWORTH: [Smirks] I will never tell. No one. Never.

HECTOR: It is a rather funny story actually.

WENTWORTH: It is rather humiliating and I cannot believe you remember the story. You were foxed when I told you.

HECTOR: I remember everything you tell me, Ty. [Runs a finger along Wentworth’s superfine navy coat sleeve.]

WENTWORTH: We should be a bit more circumspect in front of Miss Smith, my dear.

SCUTTLEBUTT: Ms. Smith or Sara, please.

HECTOR: No need. The little box insured me that our interview will be distributed to like-minded readers.

WENTWORTH: Hmm. Is that so? And how many such like-minded readers could that be? A dozen?

SCUTTLEBUTT: Thousands. [Eyes gleam avariciously.] Millions!

WENTWORTH: [Scoffs, pauses, then sports a provocative grin.] Interesting. [kisses Hector’s knuckles.] However, I still will not share information about the incident.

SCUTTLEBUTT: [Sighs audibly and looks at notes.] Well, sirs, there must be some topic you deem safe to share. Why not tell me about which sexual position you prefer when you couple—

WENTWORTH: [Interrupts] By god, woman. Does your husband know you ask impertinent questions to men you barely know?

SCUTTLEBUTT: I am not married. And I see no reason why—

HECTOR: The future must be an amazing place. An unmarried lady, allowed to work as a sensationalist reporter. What else does the future hold? Are you able to tell me if they have made any improvements in china manufacturing?

[Deleted from interview as having no interest to a modern reader, but suffice it to say both men are astonished and sit with mouths agape for some time.]

WENTWORTH: A new, inexpensive substance called plastic! And of all different colors! I would never have imagined.

HECTOR: And unbreakable! I do not suppose you have a recipe for this new plastic you could share?

SCUTTLEBUTT: I’m afraid not. I took a solemn oath to not share information that can change the future during my interviews. I take that vow very seriously.

WENTWORTH: [Strokes chin with middle distance stare.] Yes. I can see how important that must be. What a lot of things to think about. [Turns to Hector.] You know, I’m quite glad you arranged this interview. Very worthwhile.

SCUTTLEBUTT: Does that mean you will change your mind on the headdress story?

WENTWORTH: Why does no one believe me when I swear I will never reveal details about that incident? [Rolls eyes but smiles] Impudent journalist.

SCUTTLEBUTT: Oh, no. I’m afraid we are out of space for this edition, readers. But stay tuned for parts two and three of ‘An Interview with Hector and Wentworth’.




his brother's viscount coverAs a baron’s youngest son, Hector Somerville has no real prospects. He will not inherit, and he’s overshadowed by two perfect brothers. While searching for ways to improve his situation, Hector finds respite in an invitation to a country estate—and has a second chance at rekindling his illicit affair with Viscount Wentworth, captain of HBMS Dragon. The upcoming fortnight could be everything Hector dreamed of since their disastrous parting.

Wentworth has forsaken love, and yet, memories of guilt and heartache resurface. He loved a boyhood friend once, Hector’s older brother William, until the man left him, trampling his heart in the process. Years later, he wonders if he ever fell out of love. Is his heart bound by William, or can he create a life with Hector?


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Stephanie Lake is the pen name for a husband/wife team who enjoy writing happy endings and steamy middles. We write historical and contemporary LGBTQ+ and M/F romance. Inspiration for our stories comes from living in seven countries and traveling around the world. Wherever we wander, our beloved four-legged family member is not far away.


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