Challenge Month 2021Hi gang! Today, I am so excited to share our Reading Challenge Month Prize Preview! This is the time when I get to share the most amazing prizes donated by some incredibly generous authors and publishers. They will all be a part of our upcoming Reading Challenge Month, running September 5 – October 2.

As a reminder, the event is a series of four, week-long reading challenges. Each week has a sponsor and an accompanying prize(s). And then there is a huge grand prize at the end! Readers can enter to win prizes by commenting on our challenge reviews and/or by reading along any of the weeks with their own challenge books and writing a mini review at the end of the week (one entry per comment, 10 entries per read-along review). Full rules and contest details will be upcoming next week and it is never too soon to start picking your books! And check out our Coming Soon post for more detail on how it all works, this year’s challenges, and what we are reading.

Every year, we have some fabulous publishers and amazing authors who help support our event with their generous prize contributions! Everyone was super generous this year so please show them all some love!


Week 1: New-to-Me Author Week

Sponsor: Assorted authors

We are kicking things off in a big way this week with 10 prize bundles donated by an amazing group of authors! These are huge book bundles and a great way to check out some new authors and catch up with old favorites. This is a HUGE list, so scroll down to see each of the prize bundles. And lots of thank you’s to the fabulous authors who donated to the giveaway!


Week 2: TBR Pile Week

Sponsor: Tantor Audio

Tantor is giving away a great audiobook bundle to TWO winners. Both winners will get codes for all of these audiobooks:

  • The Gentle Art of Fortune Hunting – KJ Charles
  • Headstrong – Eden Finley
  • His Truth – Riley Hart
  • Finding Joy – Adriana Herrera
  • Beyond the Sea – Keira Andrews
  • Not Dead Yet – Jenn Burke


Week 3: Under the Rainbow Week

Sponsor: Carina Press

One recipient will receive one (1) trade paperback copy of each of the following Carina titles.

  • SAILOR PROOF by Annabeth Albert (Carina Adores; Shore Leave, #1)
  • FOR THE LOVE OF APRIL FRENCH by Penny Aimes (Carina Adores)
  • BETTER THAN PEOPLE by Roan Parrish (Carina Adores; Garnet Run, #1)
  • AMERICAN DREAMER by Adriana Herrera (Carina Press; Dreamers, #1)


Week 4: Judge a Book By Its Cover Week

Sponsor: JMS Books

JMS is giving away FIVE $20 gift cards to the JMS Books store!


Grand Prize: Sponsored by NineStar Press

Once again, NineStar Press is donating our Grand Prize and it is a big one! They are giving away a waterproof Kindle Paperwhite loaded with 50 NineStar Press books! That is a lot of goodies folks!


So now is the time to start picking out your books and thinking about how you will want to join us. All the final details will be announced next Sunday as we kick things off. And below, check out our full list of prizes donated for New-to-Me Author Week and be sure to show all these folks some love!

Prize 1
The Lock-Keeper’s Heart by Neil Plakcy
Choice of Superpowered Love book by Katey Hawthorne
Winner’s Choice by Cari Z
A Taste of Sin, The Cost of Desire, A Love Made Whole by Kate Hawthorne (Audio)
Smash & Grab by Maz Maddox
Uncharted by Allison Temple (ebook or audio)
Winner’s Choice by Victoria Sue
Various Persuasions by A.E. Lister
Winner’s Choice by Ariel Tachna
Winner’s Choice of self published book by Julia Talbot
Men, Murder and Make up by Shane K. Morton (ebook or audio)
Prize 2
Winner’s Choice by S.E. Harmon
Royally Screwed by Lynn Van Dorn (ebook or audio)
The Serpant’s Coil by Elizabeth Silver
Winner’s Choice by Nic Starr
Winner’s Choice by Kai Butler
Winner’s Choice by Brigham Vaughn
Winner’s Choice by E.M. Denning
Winner’s Choice by R.L. Merrill
Hold the Door by Vinni George
Winner’s Choice by Hank Edwards
Hennigan Family Christmas by Andrew J. McQuinn
Prize 3
Winner’s Choice by Mickie Ashling
Winner’s Choice by Annabeth Albert
Winner’s Choice of any self published book by B.A. Tortuga
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell OR Collateral Damage by Miski Harris
Changes Coming Down and Changes Going On by Kaje Harper
The Perfect Pass by R.M. Neill
All Fired Up by Jenn Burke
Bassist with Benefits by Jenna Galicki
Playing it Straight by Andrew J. McQuinn
Whiskey and Moonshine by Elizabeth Noble
Love on the Horizon by R.J. Peterson
Soulmates by Liv Rancourt
Prize 4
Vespers by Irene Preston and Liv Rancourt
Winner’s Choice by A.D. Ellis
Audiobook by A.D. Ellis (audio)
Winner’s Choice by Taylor Rylan
Winner’s Choice by Eden Winters
Winner’s Choice by Kat Cassidy
Winner’s Choice by K-lee Klein
Tonight and Every Night by Mere Rain
Winner’s Choice by Cara Dee
Winner’s Choice by Jay Hogan
Winner’s Choice by Skylar M. Cates
Prize 5
Sky Dragon Lights Up by Toshi Drake
Mergers & Acquisitions by Jodi Payne
Winner’s Choice by Lane Hayes
Winner’s Choice by Jackie North
The Blood Boss by Davidson King
Just Desserts by Maggie Decker
Seeing Red by E.L. Esch
Winner’s Choice by R. Phoenix
Winner’s Choice by Meghan Maslow
Fire and water by Kiernan Kelly
Winner’s Choice by Suzzana C. Ryan or Andrea Bellmont
Winner’s Choice by Annabelle Jacobs
Prize 6
Devil’s Gamble by Stella Rainbow
Winner’s Choice from Signs of Love series by Anyta Sunday
Veiled Intentions by Elle Keaton (audio)
Winner’s Choice by Jeff Adams
The Witch Taker by Belinda McBride
Alex McKenna & the Geranium Deaths by Vicki-Ann Bush
Winner’s Choice by R.J. Scott
Winner’s Choice by Charlie Novak
That Mafioso Magic by Nicholas Bella
Winner’s Choice by Morgan Mason
Winner’s Choice by Jay Northcote
Servitude by Rebecca Cohen
Prize 7
Winner’s Choice by Lee Quail
Winner’s Choice by Anna Zabo
Winner’s Choice by Garrett Leigh
Bright Moon by Alicia Graybill
Winner’s Choice by Jack L. Pyke
Winner’s Choice by Roan Parrish
Winner’s Choice by E.J. Russell
Winner’s Choice by Stella Shaw
Born for Leaving by Mia Kerick
Living on Air and $5 Gift card by Susan Mac Nicol
Winner’s Choice by Iris Foxglove
Winner’s Choice by Anna Martin
Prize 8
WInner’s Choice by Alexa Milne
Winner’s Choice by Pelaam
Winner’s Choice from Amazon backlist by Rick R. Reed
Winner’s Choice by Avon Gale
Winner’s Choice by V.L. Locey
Winner’s Choice by April Kelly
Winner’s Choice by Carly Marie
Winner’s Choice by Rachel Ember
Winner’s Choice by May Archer
Winner’s Choice by Ruby Moone
Winner’s Choice by Con Riley
Prize 9
Winner’s Choice by Tara Lain
His Convenient Husband by Robin Covington
Winner’s Choice by L.D. Blakeley
Ranger Hank by Sam E. Kraemer
Winner’s Choice by Spencer Spears
Winner’s Choice by Layla Reyne
Winner’s Choice of Order Universe book by Kasia Bacon
Winner’s Choice of Blind Eye Books title from Nicole Kimberling
Winner’s Choice by Eliot Grayson
Naughty Cupid by Deanna Wadsworth
Winner’s Choice by Tempeste O’Riley
Winner’s Choice by Trina Lane
Prize 10
Winner’s Choice by Brittany Cournoyer
At All Costs by Simone Anderson
Winner’s Choice by Crystal Lacy
Winner’s Choice by Avon Gale
Winner’s Choice by E.J. Russell
Audiobook by Rick R. Reed (audio)
Winner’s Choice by Iris Foxglove
Winner’s Choice by Tal Bauer
Winner’s Choice by Clare London
Winner’s Choice by Tempeste O’Riley
Winner’s Choice by Keira Andrews
Winner’s Choice by Amy Aislin
Point of Contact by Melanie Hansen (ebook or paperback)

Note: The format for the New-to-Me Author Week giveaways is ebook unless otherwise specified. Also, in some cases “winner’s choice” giveaways will have a restricted list of options from which the winner can choose.