Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novel


Finished is the fifth book in the Auctioned series. The books are intended to be read in order as it is a continuing story and this review will naturally reveal plot points for the series.

Gray and Darius have traveled many miles since the opening of the Auctioned series. They have built a life together and, after all the trauma, Gray knows they deserve some happiness. This was going to be the last mission, but it is not going at all as planned and Gray now finds himself racing to rescue Darius and the rest of the team as they collapsed during the mission.

Gray will not accept anything less than Darius’ full recovery and the life they have planned in their remote home with their two foster boys. They just have to complete this mission in order to be able to rest as a dangerous organization gets dismantled for good.

Darius and Gray have come through so much to be together to get to this book, marketed as the final book in this series. Finished picks up immediately after the events of the previous book Played, where we see the team getting double crossed and the fates of Darius, the team, and those they were supposed to rescue all in a precarious state.

I like Darius and Gray together and these last two books really highlight the bond and the family life they are building for themselves. This was a shorter novel and I felt it got lost as a standalone book. This book spent a lot of time wrapping up the events of the previous book and it then felt like an extended epilogue to me for the guys.

As with the Played, the characters movements in this book weren’t as clear to be able to visualize while reading and for the final mission of a multi-book series, the ending was underwhelming. And as for it being the final book, there is a note at the end to expect more from Gray and Darius in 2022. While it would be great to see them in the future, there is a specific theme that was introduced for that book and it might not be all that I want to read about.

Darius and Gray do get their happy ending after a tumultuous journey and that was a highlight to see. If you are looking for a series that follows the same characters forced to navigate a darker side of life, you would want to start at where their story begins in Auctioned.