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Length: Novel


It’s all about the numbers, isn’t it? Noah, on the other side of thirty, has twenty-seven days to find a plus one for his boss’ wedding. The one-night stand from six months ago is back in his life, hotter than ever, and the chemistry between them is still explosive, as the impromptu “welcome back” kiss can attest.

Haze, who has yet to turn thirty — but he’s getting there — is the newest receptionist at the Vet Shop Boys, the practice where Noah works. The practice is staffed by his friends, all of whom can see the attraction between the two of them. And it’s Gus, Noah’s boss, the resident groomzilla and one of Noah’s dearest friends that suggests he invite Haze to the wedding as his date.

Noah, who already broke rules one through four of the Guide to One Night Stands, sees no reason to say no. After all, he likes the guy. Haze is great in bed, makes him laugh, loves his dog, and has the sweetest smile in the world.

Got Me Hoping is the first installment in the Vet Shop Boys series and it’s downright adorable. This is a sweet, sugar-coated story about two men finding friendship and love in all the right places. Noah has never been the sort of person who can enter into a relationship half-halfheartedly; when he’s in love, he’s all the way in, which means every breakup has left him bruised. His first boyfriend left for a job in South Africa. It was mutual, but they were both young and unable to promise forever, at that point. The second chose his mother over Noah, and the rejection still stings. And the third … well, the third cheated on him.

Deciding to give a one-night stand a go was the best decision Noah made as it introduced him to Haze. Noah’s falling, and falling hard. Even if Haze does leave him, Noah won’t regret a single kiss, touch, bad joke, or fond look. He loves Haze, even though he finds it hard to trust that Haze won’t find something better than a nearly middle-aged veterinarian.

Haze is getting close to thirty. He has two degrees and no set path in life, something his ex, Daniel, constantly reminded him about. Daniel left him feeling worthless, as if he was a waste — a waste of money, a waste of schooling, a waste of potential. He left Haze feeling incompetent, unintelligent, and isolated. The only thing he has going for him, the one thing Daniel didn’t talk down, was his splendid dick. It’s the best thing he has to offer, and yet, for all that the sex is good, Noah seems to like listening to Haze just as much. Noah loves his stories of the various jobs he’s had, is impressed by his creativity, and encourages him to realize just how much life he’s lived.

This is not a story about angst — though there is a fair bit of background drama. This is a warm, fuzzy hug of a story about two people finding the person who understands them, who loves them, and who is willing to support them in whatever makes them happy. Sometimes we just need a happy couple getting their happily ever after, and this is one I am delighted to recommend.