Rating: 2.5 stars
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Length: Novel


Rashad is on the run when he comes across the town of Seven Corners. He’s caught off guard by the friendliness of the place and the casual mixing of shifter races. Rashad’s welcomed with open arms, but told he needs to speak with Brock Bolder, the local alpha, for permission to stay. But Rashad has had enough of alphas and decides to start over on his own, opening up a small coffee shop that is soon doing fantastic business. 

Brock Bolder and the other alphas of Seven Corners have worked hard to build a town that functions in relative peace. Bu,t for Brock, that means knowing every shifter in his territory. So when a stranger arrives and that stranger smells like his fated mate, Brock is determined to unearth him. Rashad is everything Brock wants in a mate – independent, capable, and gorgeous as hell. Convincing Rashad they’re meant to be is no easy task, but when biology and a threat from the past draw them closer together, Rashad and Brock must what decide what kind of future they actual want. 

His Protective Alpha is the first in the Seven Corners Shifters series and centers around a small town where multiple packs have carved out a peaceful existence together. While the premise to His Protective Alpha was interesting enough, the execution was relatively weak. Combined with a rather forgettable pair of main characters, I found myself disappointed in this inaugural entry into the series. 

The writing and pacing to His Protective Alpha stumbled from page one. The sentences tended to run on excessively and the structure and tone were somewhat immature. I didn’t feel as though I was reading a book from an established author. There wasn’t much depth to the plot and this was coupled with uneven pacing. Often important moments felt rushed and weren’t given the structure they needed in order to build out the story in a meaningful way. 

Neither Brock or Rashad felt particularly interesting, either as a couple or as individuals. They read as flat and rather bland. The passion between them is uninspired and I never believed they were either in love or in lust with one another. Part of this stems from the “insta-love” aspect of their relationship, but I’ve seen this trope work before, so I know it can be done successfully. It just didn’t happen here. I never felt connected to either Rashad or Brock and, as a result, I was disconnected from most of the book. 

His Protective Alpha failed to delivered on most aspects. It wasn’t a terrible book, but the writing was lackluster and neither of the MCs managed to leap off the page and grab my interest. I’d have to recommend giving this one a pass.