Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel


Logan Moore is a wolf shifter and an alpha, but he doesn’t have a pack. After what happened with his past pack, he doesn’t even really want one. But following the Oracle’s directions, Logan starts to save people and take care of the supernatural world, and ends up with a group of men who work with him. On one such mission, he meets Bailey Cairn and Logan is utterly drawn to the man.

While investigating the attack and what it means, Logan ends up seeing Bailey more and more. And Bailey, for his part, has no idea that the supernatural world exists. But he knows that he’s attracted to Logan and feels safe with the man. So much so that Bailey and his friends start spending time with Logan and his men and all of them being to create a unit without even trying.

But there are nefarious characters afoot, and Bailey is attacked himself. It’s only after that when Bailey learns the truth about who Logan is, what exists in the world, and that they are mates. And that it’s only together, with their entire pack, supernatural and human beings alike, that they will manage solve the mystery and save each other before it’s too late.

Join me once again in Macy Blake’s Chosen One Universe! The Chosen Champions series is another spin off within this extensive and complex world. And it can be read as a standalone. Yes, you read that right. Blake manages to get all the pertinent information into this book. I will say with complete honesty that having read all the books up to here gives the story extra nuance and perhaps some extra emotion, especially with one particular secondary character. But that being said, I really believe you could start here and not feel lost. (But you’d probably want to go back and catch up.)

In all other ways, this book is classic Blake. We have two main characters who fit together well and complement each other; a found family of diverse, unique, and interesting characters; and a mystery plaguing the MCs that is life threatening. Both Logan and Bailey are well drawn. Logan is a caretaking alpha, as they should be, and has a well developed sense of what is right. He has some baggage and it takes his love for Bailey before he’s able to really set that aside, because it’s with Bailey’s help that he sees his own worth.

Bailey is human, and for a good portion of the book, he has no idea that the supernatural world even exists. It takes time for him to be comfortable with Logan and his band of men, but he feels safe with Logan right away. He does question the attraction and emotion, but it’s not a huge obstacle, and his thought process is believable. I really liked Bailey, his bottomless backpack, and the way he takes care of his friends. Together, Bailey and Logan really balance each other out and their need for caretaking meshes well. Their romance is predictable, not in a bad or boring way, but in a comforting way that makes sense.

Of course, there’s also a “bad guy” wreaking havoc and doing a lot of damage. And, of course, this person targets Bailey, his friends, and the make-shift pack. To be completely transparent, as soon as this character stepped on page, I knew they were the villain. And this may have been the weakest part of the story for me, with some questions left unanswered. But it’s also dramatic in just the right way to fit the tone of the story.

This is the first of the Chosen Champion series, and we know the rest of the guys in the supernatural part of Logan’s pack will get their stories as well. Blake does a good job of setting up a through line mystery or two that will continue with the series, and sets up the next book nicely without it taking over the conclusion of this book. This is a great start to the series, and I’m looking forward to what will happen next.