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Ross Young has been working the night shift at the local gas station for about eight months. In that time, he has gotten used to the strange customers who shop there, customers that he is pretty sure are all not all human. Ross is a practical guy and he figures any customers who politely come in and shop are unlikely to kill him. So he puts on his best customer service smile and helps out the werewolves, vampires, and various unidentifiable supernaturals who stop by.

Ross’ unflappable demeanor catches the eye of Glenn, leader of the local supernatural clan. Glenn’s clan is unusual in that rather than be limited to one species, his includes a wide variety of beings from a range of legends. Glenn’s problem is that wrangling this motley group isn’t easy, particularly as many are nocturnal, and the group frequently has no idea quite how to navigate modern life. Glenn needs a PA who can help him manage the clan paperwork and day-to-day needs, as well as wrangle unruly members when they get themselves in trouble.

When Glenn offers Ross the job as clan PA, at first he  is a little unsure about taking the position. Ross likes the clan members he has met, and he definitely sees the appeal in the handsome Glenn, but this pretty much means stepping out of normal life. Then again, the salary Glenn offers will go a long way to helping Ross finish paying for college. Ross decides to take the leap, and while the job is anything but easy, he finds he really likes the unruly clan and enjoys helping sort out their problems. Even more, he and Glenn find themselves falling for one another. This life isn’t anything Ross ever expected, but being a PA to a supernatural clan just might be the perfect job for him, especially with Glenn by his side.

The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA is adorable, charming, and a lot of fun. The story was originally written as a serial in A.J. Sherwood’s newsletter and has now been repackaged into a novel-length book made up of 10.5 installments, plus a newly added chapter at the end from Glenn’s POV. The book falls somewhere in between a traditional novel and a series of vignettes. It reads mostly like one long story and the installments follow a consistent timeline. Some of the chapters are more moments in time as Ross deals with various clan-related problems, while others flow more directly one into the other. Each chapter (or “incident” as the book calls them) has its own adorable cover, so it is very clear where one stops and the next starts. But I still found that this read very much like one long book and I think Sherwood has done a great job of breaking the story down into pieces, while still making it feel like one overarching journey for Ross and Glenn.

The book has a nice, light tone as Ross tries to navigate the chaos that is his clan. There are a wide variety of supernatural creatures, including vampires, werewolves, kitsune, ogres, and just about everything else you can think of. These folks mean well, but many of them are centuries old and have no idea how to navigate the modern world without leaving craziness in their wake. Plus, they really like parties and alcohol, which doesn’t help things. Fortunately, Ross is calm, easy going, and almost completely unflappable. He navigates everything from overzealous werewolves at the pound, to wizards who want to kidnap him, to meeting his future mother-in-law with the same practical approach, cutting through the crazy and never panicking. I loved watching Ross encounter one wild situation after another and handling it with ease. The stories are funny and sometimes crazy, but there is also a nice warmth here, as it is clear these folks truly care for one another and, as exasperated as Ross and Glenn may get, they still love their clan.

I also enjoyed the relationship between Glenn and Ross. While Ross can admit he finds Glenn hot from the start, their connection slowly grows over the course of the book. Ross loves Glenn’s kindness and the way he cares for his people, not to mention how hot he is in a suit and the sexy alpha vibes he gives off. And Glenn is charmed by Ross, from the calm way he handles problems to the way he so clearly cares about the clan. The story is not very explicit (with the exception of chapter 7.5 where things are graphic on page), but there is a very sexy vibe that comes through between the men. There is just a nice intensity and a sense of real connection between them that I loved. (FWIW, when I first saw the cover, I thought this was a YA book, but this is definitely an adult story despite not much graphic sex.) I really liked these guys together and particularly enjoyed the final chapter from Glenn’s POV. We get to see some pivotal events from his viewpoint and it really showcases how he feels about Ross and gives them a really nice HEA.

Ross is such a great character and I loved watching him navigate this new world with calm practicality. There is a nice dose of humor here and a light tone that made this one a lot of fun and a nice easy read. If you are looking for a paranormal that is a bit different and has a lot of charm, definitely pick this one up.
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