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Ten years ago, Sean fell in love with his college roommate, Trevor, and Trevor’s best friend, Charlie (Charlotte). The three thought they would be together forever, planned a life and a future, but then Sean left and things fell apart with all of them. The trio have only seen each other once since then, reuniting for a hot night together, but they knew it could only be one time.

Now, Sean has returned to town to help investigate a murder involving the father of one of his friends. Sean works for the FBI and Charlie is the deputy chief of police in town. The killer has left a clue in the form a Shakespearean mystery, but while they are able to piece some of it together, no one is clear on the killer’s ultimate goal or who it might be.

As the investigation continues, it puts Charlie, Sean, and Trevor back into each other’s lives in a way they can’t ignore. The three still love one another and the pull to be together is still strong. But they have a lot of baggage from their past to work through and secrets and truths to share if they have any hope of being together once more. But with a killer on the loose, one who is increasingly looking connect to Charlie’s family, they may find their lives on the line.

What We May Be is an incredibly engaging, lovers reunited, mystery/suspense. I found myself totally caught up in this one, both on the romantic end, as well as with the murder mystery. On the mystery side, this is a really great thriller. The story is exciting and twisty and kept me guessing. This is a small town mystery, so there are a lot of characters who all seem to be related to one another or connected in some way, which makes it especially interesting to untangle, as there are many potential suspects, victims, and motives. One aspect I particularly liked it is that the clues from the first murders reveal some of the killer’s method and plan, allowing Charlie and Sean to sort of figure out how the next victim might be chosen, but not necessarily who it will be. So they are sort of investigating in reverse, trying to figure out who might fit the victim profile as a way to circle back and find the killer.

One tiny complaint here is that I had to suspend some disbelief that Trevor, who is a professor not a cop, is allowed to be involved with all aspects of the investigation, just because he is Charlie’s best friend. On a bigger note, I found the ultimate reveal of the killer a little unsatisfying because their motive was one that seemed to have no foundation in the rest of the story. If the killer is murdering people because of some specific feelings, I needed to see some indication of those feelings prior to the reveal. Maybe there were some subtle hints that I just missed, but even in hindsight, I could remember nothing to suggest what we learn in the reveal. I think the killer’s means and opportunity are clearly laid out in the story, but the motive felt fuzzy to me. Also, once we learn the motive, the first two victims seem a big stretch to fit. I felt like the case was so interesting and well developed, and I was truly caught up in it, but it just didn’t fully hold together in the end for me.

On the relationship end, I really adored Sean, Trevor, and Charlie. We meet them ten years after their split and Reyne does an amazing job of really letting us feel their connection, even though we don’t really see them together in the past. There are no flashbacks, just some memories scattered throughout the book. Yet the spark between them in present day is so tangible and the emotions so clear, I could easily feel how much they still care for each other and how painful that loss was so many years ago. The three fit together so well, and we know that when Sean left, Trevor and Charlie tried to make it work as a couple, but they really needed all three of together for them to really fit. Their initial intimate scene is so well done and really showcases the feelings these three have for each other, setting the stage well for them to ultimately make their way back together. They are really a super sexy trio, but also there is a great bond and connection that comes from their close friendship, as well as romantic relationship.

Reyne builds in some smaller mysteries of a sort in the sense that we know a few things that happened in the past in broad strokes that affected their relationship, but the specifics are slowly unveiled. The big one is why Sean left all those years ago, and why he stayed away, when the three had planned a life together. We also learn that someone was involved in keeping him away, and we ultimately learn who and why. There is also a big secret involving Charlie’s mother’s death, which also plays a role in the big picture mystery. So I loved the way we see these three together and can feel their connection so tangibly, and then watch as the conflict slowly gets untangled.

Overall, I found this story super engaging and I could hardly put it down. I stayed up way too late reading to find out who was behind the murders and how Charlie, Sean, and Trevor would find their way back to each other. I loved them as a trio and would read more books about these folks in a heartbeat. If you are looking for an engaging mystery and a great romantic trio, definitely check out What We May Be.

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