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I’m about to ask what the hell he’s on about when my eyes catch a guy sitting alone at the bar, a glass of amber coloured liquid clutched between his hands. He’s a mountain of a man; I can tell that even though he’s sitting down. From the back, I can see his dark hair is shorter than most of the men in the room, but long enough to run his fingers through. Judging from the way it’s sticking up, I’d guess he does this a lot.

I watch as he takes a sip of his drink before placing the glass back on the bar. Then he glances over his shoulder and scans the room, as if he knows he’s being watched. There’s a hardness to his features, but those sharp edges and that chiselled jawline with a slight hint of scruff covering it does something to me that I can’t explain. He’s all man, and the way he holds himself tells me he’s a man used to giving orders and being followed.

When his eyes meet mine, my stomach flips. They are eyes that could command me to do anything and I’d do it without question. When they peer at me, my entire body does a mental somersault. My cock stirs in my jeans and I will it to stay still. I’m in a room full of men—men who are big, brawny and probably wouldn’t be thrilled with my boner.

I don’t know what passes between us, but there is definitely a moment. It feels like the rug is tugged from under me and I’m unsteady on my feet, even though I’m standing still. Everything around me tunnels to him and him alone.

Then he glances away and I feel my stomach sink at his dismissal—that is until he pushes up from the bar and starts towards me.

He walks right up to me and stands an inch from me. I can smell the alcohol mixed with his heady aftershave.

Dark eyes rove over my face and as tall as I am, I have to tip my head slightly to meet his gaze when he’s this close. A jaw that could have been hewn from granite, tatted up arms and another snaking out from under the neckline of his tee greets me. I want to study them all, but I keep my eyes locked on his face.

I’ve been around powerful and important men my entire life, but this guy sucks the air from the room just with his presence. He’s a man who says ‘fuck with me and you won’t live to regret it’. He’s a man who promises retribution if you do.

I let my eyes lower to the patch on his breast, which says ‘President’ and I can understand why the man leads this bunch of misfits. He commands attention, even though he’s doing nothing but standing there, and I’m not unaffected by him.

“You’re the new prospect?” His words rumble out of him, and his London drawl is sexy as fuck.

I’m struggling not to pant right now. In fact, I’m struggling to find the words to respond to his question, so I bob my head like an idiot.

He eyes me in a way that leaves me feeling undressed to the world, raw and exposed, then says, “You get a pass tonight to drink, Prospect. Tomorrow, you get to work. You understand?”

I wobble my head again in what I hope is an affirmation, and when I do he gets a look on his face that I can’t read or place. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable, but it doesn’t fill me with warmth either.

After a moment, he finally says, “I’m Thanatos. My boys call me Than. This is my club, my domain, and everything that happens in it comes through me. You piss me off, you’re out the door. You don’t do as I say, you’re out the door. Anyone with a full patch owns your arse from tomorrow morning. You can leave any time you want, but you walk out those doors, you never walk back through them, got it?”

I swallow hard, and not from fear of his words, but from him. He’s doing things to me that I can’t explain.

“Yeah,” I breathe out, “I got it.”

His tongue dips out to wet his bottom lip, and the move makes my cock stir again. It’s not intentionally salacious, but it has my mind wandering places it shouldn’t be. My thoughts should not be on fucking my new boss, but they are.

Than flexes his arms and scrubs a hand over his jaw before saying, “Enjoy your last evening of freedom.”

Then, he turns away from me and walks over to his drink. I watch his retreating back, my eyes following the contours of his body as he moves. His jeans cling in all the right places and his worn kutte fits snug over his bulky frame.

The rapid bobbing of my Adam’s apple leaves me gulping for air, because I have a feeling dealing with Than is going to be a sure-fire way to lose whatever little sanity I have left.


caged in darkness coverCaged Duet, Book 1

Getting kicked out of the army was the worst day of my life. I never thought I’d find direction again, until my brother suggested I prospect for the Black Death Riders Motorcycle Club. I wanted brotherhood, loyalty, and respect. I didn’t expect to find him. Thanatos. He’s the devil on a steel horse and I’m falling for him. He has demons, a darkness caging him that I can’t break through. If I’m not careful, he might drag us both into the abyss.

Ever since my sister was killed, I’ve been on a path of self-destruction. They don’t call me after Death for no reason. I’ve slain more men than I can count, and I did it with a smile. I’m broken, destroyed, living in torment and I don’t deserve one moment of happiness—until Isaac walks into my life, and I find I want all of that and more.

But my path of destruction has put my club on the radar of people who will kill us all without a second thought. I never considered the consequences of my war with them, until Isaac got in their path. Now, the only good thing I’ve ever had in my life might be taken from me, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

*Warning : Contains adult content, reading age 18 +. Graphic violence and dark emotional scenes that may trigger some readers.


Amy Thorn lives in a small market town in the Midlands, England. She lives with her dog and when she’s not writing, she’s playing with crochet hooks.

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